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1. Respect Stephen Colbert and the Staff of ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Late Show’.

Remember the main objective of our site is to discuss and celebrate the work done by Stephen Colbert and the staff of The Colbert Report, The Late Show and Our Cartoon President. While healthy discussion and debate is acceptable, rude and disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.
2. Respect the Privacy of Stephen Colbert, his Family and Friends.

While on occasion we will post items about Stephen’s family, our main objective is to focus on his work, career and charitable causes. In the event that we do post about Stephen’s family and/or friends we ask that you treat them with the same respect and dignity that you would treat your own.
3. Respect the Hub Staff and your Fellow Hubsters.

To keep the community spirit alive, please be mindful of what you are about to post and how it will contribute to the flow and expansion of the conversation at hand.

Remember to treat each other and the staff with respect. We are all individuals, with our own individual thoughts, ideas and opinions. Even if you do not agree with the views expressed by others, please be respectful of one another.
4. Remember That This is a Family Friendly Site.

We aim to keep Colbert News Hub a family friendly site.

While the occasional fangirl excitement is acceptable, please remember to keep it clean.

We are well aware of what an Eye Candy post full of Colbert goodness can do to a fangirl/boy (we are, after all, fangirls/boys ourselves), we do not want to deter you from getting excited, but please remember that there are other more suitable platforms on the web for that type of adult discussion.
5. Troll Free Zone.

We want Colbert News Hub to be a happy, healthy and joyful community for all fans of Stephen, The Colbert Report, The Late Show and Our Cartoon President. Rude, snarky or negatively pointless comments toward Stephen, content featured on The Colbert Report and/or The Late Show , staff and fellow members, or anyone featured in our content will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
6. Keep on Topic.

It is important that all comments keep on topic with the post they are in response to. Commenting on your weekend or that extra super awesome thing you read online is great, but please remember that it disturbs the flow of conversion. We want our site to be a place of discussion and reflection, not a place to socialise with fellow members.
7. Please E-mail Us Your Tips, Do Not Post them as a Comment.

Please do not ‘scoop’ us in the comments. If you have a ‘Hot Tip’ please use the ‘Contact’ form located at the top of the page.

To make life easier for the staff, please think carefully of which department the content is most suited to, and select it in the contact form ‘drop down’ menu.

All content submitted to the site will be credited to owner and/or sender of the corresponding item.
8. Do Not Post or Spread Unverified Rumours.

Under no circumstances will we tolerate the spreading of rumours and unverified content, nor will we support the posting of paparazzi photo’s of Stephen and/or his family.

All content posted on the site has been verified, and credited to the person who sent it in to us.
9. Do Not Post Fanfic.

There are many communities on the web devoted to fanfic of all genres, ships and ratings – this is not one of them. While we appreciate your literary talents and form of expression, we will not post your stories. If you are unsure of where to find an appropriate audience for your creation, we will happily direct you to a suitable site, but we will NOT post it here.
10. Colbert Challenges are Set by Stephen, Please Do Not Take His Name in Vain and/or Ask us to Promote Your Cause.

The name of ‘Colbert’ is a sacred one. Stephen and only Stephen will set challenges to get items named after and/or in honour of him. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to participate in every naming contest, charity event and internet meme sent in to us by members. We focus our time and energy maintaining this site, and participating in challenges set by Stephen for the Colbert Nation.
11. No Text Talk or Cursing.

We ask that all members remember to keep a high literacy level in their comments on the site. That means no cursing or ‘text talk’. The use of abbreviations such as; “u”, “r”, “imho” etc. will not be tolerated.

If a segment on the show uses or addresses the use of such language, we will make an exception, as long as your contribution to the conversion is on topic and not just an excuse to use “LoL” in a post.

Equally, if you feel the need to use curse words or offensive language in a post, your comment will be moderated if you do not censor the offending word(s).

If you are posting a direct quote, please remember to censor out the offending language, and to quote the original source.
12. Comment Moderation.

If you are a first time commenter, or if your comment contains too many links it will be held for moderation. Comments may also be held for moderation if our spam filters detect content that may be considered as spam.

If your comment does not appear it means that it is being held for moderation, please do not re-post your comment. Comments that are held in the moderation queue will be approve as quickly as possible, so please be patient if your comment does not appear straight away.

We, the staff, reserve the right to edit or delete comments that do not abide by the comment policy.