October 26, 2016 – Joel McHale, Abbi Jacobsen, Jon Glaser

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: Season 2, Episode 32 (Wednesday, October 26, 2016)
GUESTS: Joel McHale | Abbi Jacobsen | Jon Glaser
SEGMENTS: The Ghost of Christmas Past Shows Up Earlier Every Year | Joe Biden Unloads on Potential Groper-in-Chief | WERD: Debt Offensive | Joel McHale | Abbi Jacobsen | Jon Glaser
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“One of the big reasons we’re so broke is the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost an estimated $4.8 trillion… and the Pentagon knows how they’re going to get some of that money back because thousands of soldiers are being forced to pay back their enlistment bonuses after going to war.

We’re bankrupting them to pay back the bonuses we promised. Once again, the troops get screwed. And only Congress can change the law… so come on Congress, it should be easy to forget the troops’ debt, because apparently, we’ve forgotten the debt we owe them.”