Philippa Boyens on Tolkien Trivia with Stephen Colbert

Vulture’s Jennifer Vineyard spoke to Tolkien expert and Hobbit screenwriter Philippa Boyens about the new Hobbit film, ‘The Desolation of Smaug’, the sex lives of Middle Earths magical creatures, and taking on Stephen Colbert in Tolkien trivia.

Stephen Colbert has a cameo in this one, too. Where was he?
Ah, did you not spot him? He’s in Lake-town. As Stephen Colbert would, he works for the Master of Lake-town, he works for the politician. He’s one of his spies. So if you keep an eye out for the guy who has a fake eye patch …

When you guys quizzed each other on Tolkien trivia, what answers did you stump him on?
It was at a party at my house, most of the cast was there, and I’m sitting down with a glass of wine. Pete comes up and says, “Oh, Stephen and I had this hilarious idea that you’re going to have a Tolkien-off with Stephen Colbert.” And I had heard how good he was. Somebody said, “Ah, you’ll take him,” and I said, “I don’t think so. I think this is going to be really bad.” And we were probably the only two people in the room who knew if we were getting it right or wrong! [Laughs] Afterward, there was one where I thought, “No, he got that wrong.” And he actually wrote me a very sweet letter afterward, and he said, “I think I got one wrong.”

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