What Caused ‘The Daily Show’ Blackout?

Last night on ‘The Daily Show’, you may have noticed that things were a bit little different when John Oliver returned from the commercial break to interview Aaron Sorkin. Gone were the bright lights and J-desk, suddenly John had a tan and the interview took a step back in time, relying on the most basic essentials – directors chairs, small table and a helpful staff member (Miles Kahn) passing notes from off camera.

What exactly caused this sudden change? TWoP member Magsinator had this to report from last night’s taping:

The taping of the first two segments goes well, then they’re cleaning up ALL THE GLASS from the bottle breaking and we hear this horrific feedback noise and the monitors around the studio go out. They made a quick announcement about us witnessing Daily Show history, because nothing like that had ever happened before and say they’re going to try to figure it out and get going again. So to fill the time, John takes a lot more questions … The crew announced what happened – a ups (uninterrupted power supply) failed – and pointed out the inherent irony there – and that it took out the audio, monitors and all the cameras. They were working on fixing it, but were going to set up for the “inside the actors studio” style interview with handheld cameras just in case.

Dan Dinello (@da66y) Tweeted: #ColbertReport saves #DailyShow: @DailyShow lost power during & edited show @ColbertReport studios. Both shows were finished simultaneously.