Google Doogle Honours the Late Maurice Sendak’s 85th Birthday.

Google have paid to tribute to the late author Maurice Sendak, by creating an elaborately wonderful animated Google Doodle in celebration of his 85th birthday.

The Doodle, formatted as a spinning wheel takes viewers on a journey through some of Sendak’s best known works, starting out with Max sailing to the land of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, before venturing into the surreal cityscape of ‘In the Night Kitchen’, before ending with the birthday party from ‘Bumble-Ardy’.

Many of us remember Sendak from our childhoods as we were taken on an adventure through his illustrated works, but for me, my first and only memories of Maurice Sendak are from his interview Stephen Colbert on ‘The Colbert Report’. I’m not sure how Sendak’s works managed to escape me as a child, his works must have been apart of our Primary School library, surely? Only in High School did I realise that I had missed out on something pretty special. My friends were dumb struck that I had no idea what ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ was, and were equally horrified that I had no interest in seeing it with them at the cinemas. I would like to think, that my owning of a copy of ‘I Am A Pole (And So Can You!)’, an interview gag turned best seller, more than makes up for this absent childhood memory. If you are going to get a crash course on children’s literature, then who better to teach you than Stephen Colbert.

Having know caught up in the missing texts of my childhood, I can now finally say that, I will always remember Maurice Sendak as a hilariously grumpy interviewee sitting across from Stephen Colbert holding a bag full of ‘In the Night Kitchen’ penis cut-outs.

Hubsters, what are your memories of Maurice Sendak? How will you remember his legacy? Will you share it with your children, grandchildren, nieces and/or nephews? Which of his works was your favourite? Why?