Anderson Cooper Puts Stephen Colbert on his “RidicuList”

Anderson Cooper has put Stephen Colbert back on his “RidicuList” after Monday night’s “Mysteries of the Ancient Unknown – 2012 End of Times”.

Cooper’s beef with Colbert – that AC306 aired multiple segments on William Tapley’s Denver International Airport phallus theories way back in June, and that The Colbert Report used some of the same footage six months later in their own December 5th segment.

What Cooper’s “RidicuList” segment forgot to mention is that a team from The Colbert Report actually filmed portions of this segment back on September 16th – four not six months ago.

‘The Colbert Report’ Snooping Around DIA, Looking at Wacky Conspiracy Claims. Posted September 16, 2011, 1:57 pm MT

Producers from The Colbert Report were at Denver International Airport today, taping scenes for an upcoming show on conspiracy theories.

The star of sarcastic news show on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert, was not on the premises, said Jeff Green, airport spokesman.

Green, being the stalwart communications man that he is, did not want to give away The Colbert Report​’s plot and would only say the crew was there to investigate “conspiracy theories tied to the Denver International Airport.”

Full Article: Denver Post.