Fan Art: Celebrities Hewn from Pancakes Edition

Welcome to Fan Art, where we highlight the glorious manifestations of Stephen, as rendered by fans and talented artists. Today’s edition focuses on edible creations.

Chicago artist Katherine Kaines has devised a way to make portraits out of pancakes (and other breakfast staples.) Using spray-on pancake batter called “Batter Blaster,” raisins, blueberries, etc., you get, voila:

Source: Oddity Central and Huffington Post

Check out the other celebs Ms. Kaines has created. Ryan Gosling takes to pancake materials very well, making for a remarkable likeness. As for our Stephen, well, something about it looks very Sam Donaldson-like with the eyebrows, but he has an elaborate eagle perch, so it communicates enough “Stephen” to me.

Being from La Grange, IL, Ms. Kaines proves that for Chicagoans, food makes for da ultimate art medium.

What do you think of this work? Furthermore, what other food frontiers should Stephen’s likeness take? I am banking on an elaborate mashed potato statue.