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The Daily Show Tickets.


1. Watch the Official Ticket Page:

Tickets for The Daily Show are in very high demand and will generally sell out the day of their release, in most cases instantly. Tickets tend to be released approximately two months in advanced, one or two dates at a time, and occasionally in large batches. If you plan to be in New York on a certain day, continuing checking the website as tickets often become available up until the morning of the show. When a number of tickets do become available, their release is often announced on either The Daily Show Facebook, or on Twitter @TheDailyShow.

2. Standby Admission.

If you are visiting New York but were unable to get a ticket, it is worth trying your luck getting on the Standby list. In accordance with the Comedy Central website, the stand-by ticket sign up takes place in front of the studio at 2:30PM the day of the show, but make sure to be there much earlier to increase your chances of securing a ticket. Comedy Central make it clear that they cannot guarantee you a ticket.

3. VIP Tickets.

VIP Tickets are frequently posted for auction on eBay, with the proceeds raised going to charities. Ticket packages can include 2-4 tickets, backstage passes, and on occasion a (brief) “Meet and Greet” with Jon Stewart and/or The Daily Show correspondents. If you purchase these tickets, you will get priority entrance and access to the best seats.

4. Twitter: @DailyTix

If you’re already on Twitter, just follow @DailyTix and their tweets will turn up on your feed. Each tweet has a link to the The Daily Show ticket page, but you have to be fast filling out your information on the form, especially if only one or two seats are available. In my experience, the majority of tickets open up the day before a show and on the morning of.

5. CC Ticket Notifier.

CC Ticket Notifier utilises an app called PushBullet, which is capable of sending instant notifications – it only takes a matter of seconds – to any iOS or Android device, windows desktop or via the PushBullet extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

When a user signs up to this free service, they receive an instant notification to any of these devices, as soon as tickets become available. When the notification is received, users only need to click on the notification to be redirected immediately to the ticket page.

If you do not wish to go through the hassle of fiddling with another app, the service can also send email notifications, however email notifications are a little bit slower than the instant PushBullet notifications.


6. CC Ticket Notifier (Premium).

CC Ticket Notifier’s premium ticket notification service allows users to be notified only for the specific dates on which they wish to attend a taping of ‘The Daily Show’, and thus prevents users from receiving large amounts of notifications for all available dates.

[Please Note: The premium service requires a payment of $4.00 via PayPal.]

Confirmation E-Mail

If you got your tickets from or Twitter. Remember: After you fill out the form you will receive a confirmation E-mail with a link to reply. Reply quickly or you may lose your ticket.

If there is a problem with your reservation, contact

Where is the Ticket Line Up?

The ticket line is under the blue Daily Show marquee, with blue banners feature the correspondents hanging above.

Tickets are handed out as people arrive, and the number on your ticket denotes your position in the line, and the order in which you will pass through security and into the holding room.

What Factors Should I Take into Account When Planning My Arrival Time?

Arrival time depends on a number of factors, including how close to the ‘J Desk’ you would like to be!! Here are some factors to take into consideration – especially if you are on the stand-by list.

1. The Guest(s): If The Daily Show is welcoming a high status guest or A-List celebrity, it is best to be at the studio as early as possible. The chances are, there will be a lot of eager fans waiting for a glimpse of their idol(s), and are willing to wait. Those in the stand-by line should especially take this into consideration, as it might mean that people who are not normally particularly interested in The Daily Show may decide at the last-minute to try to attend the taping. In this case the stand-by line will be their only option.

2. The Weather: For the most part the marquee will provide protection from rain and snow. However, the better that weather conditions, the more people will be willing to stand outdoors for long periods of time. This is especially important for those in the stand-by line, there is no guarantee that you will be given a ticket, even after waiting for hours in the cold and wet.

3. The Season: New York City is one of the world’s top tourist destination’s, and many people who want to fulfill their ultimate New York adventure will most likely apply for the stand-by line. This should be taken into account at all time’s of the year, but especially during summer and in the lead up to Christmas.

What Time Should I Arrive?

Ticket Holders: Having taken in the factors listed above, 2:00 – 2:30PM is generally a good time to arrive.

Stand-By Admission: Again taking in the factors listed above, 1:30 – 2:30PM for a “standard” guest, or earlier for a “high-profile” guest. Remember there may only be one or two ticket opening available.

In general it is always better to be too early, than too late.

Over Booking: While the audience is generally let into the holding room at 5:00PM, Comedy Central warns ticket holders to be there at 4:30PM to assure their place, as they may be over booking.