Nov 05

November 4, 2014 – Andrew Sullivan

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 11018 (November 4, 2014)
GUESTS: Andrew Sullivan
STAFF CAMEO: Matt Lapin (as the Demon)
SEGMENTS: Midterms ‘014 – Detour to Gridlock – Live Coverage | Mountains of Midterm Madness | Social-Tracker 8700 | Andrew Sullivan | Sign Off – Stephen’s Final Election Special
SUIT REPORT: Dark Suit | Light Grey Shirt | Maroon/Navy Stripped Tie
VIDEOS: Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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Jon Stewart Talks The Toss


TDS/TCR fan Valerie recently attended a taping of The Daily Show and asked Jon about the lack of tossing as of late.

Basically, he said that they changed their taping times around a bit, so Jon’s show ends right in the middle of Stephen’s second rewrite (omg he defined “rewrite” as “when we realize that all of our ideas are shit so we throw them away and start over”). So if they did the call and the toss, it would throw Stephen and his writers off while trying to get the show ready. Somewhere in there, Jon said, “But that doesn’t mean that me and Stephen don’t call each other off-camera to giggle!” He probably said more, and I apologize for not remembering, but I was a little busy freaking the fuck out.

And then yeah, he said, “I can relay the message to Stephen that you miss the toss!” to which I said, “Please do!” to which he said, “Yeah, I will!”

(Thanks to Mariana312 for the link!)

Sep 02

A Look Back: Toss-Tacular Edition

Welcome to A Look Back, where we review and celebrate select clips from the overwhelmingly voluminous video catalog and the many splendid works of Stephen T. Colbert et. al. over the years.

Source: Suicide Blonde via Tumblr

This week’s “Look Back” refers to a regular segment that is probably the most popular amongst the fandom but doesn’t seem to belong entirely to The Daily Show or The Colbert Report– The Toss. What started as a transitional segment from TDS to this new Colbert show thing became basically a battle of wits between our two brainy pals: who could suppress laughter the longest? Most of the time it has been a tie. I miss the daily-ish tosses that we were spoiled with in the beginning years; a cursory inventory of the TDS archives tell me that in 2010 we had a total of 13 tosses, and this year, only 2.

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