Mar 05

Special ReporT: My Trip to The Secret Policeman’s Ball

Before I get into the joy that was “The Secret Policeman’s Ball,” I would be remiss in mentioning that fabulous Hubster grace was kind enough to not only be an excellent NYC tour guide, but also surprise me with an impromptu trip to Tea and Sympathy, the (in)famous location of Stephen’s “My Fair Colbert” field pieces. I was initially shocked to discover that the restaurant was no larger than the interior of a mid-size sedan, with about ten tables scrunched together, and customers attempting to hem in their elbows to the best of one’s ability.

We met a tall British gentleman who drives a Tea and Sympathy-mobile, (I am chastising myself for not getting a pic of the car), and of course I was asking for Mr. Hugo Vickers. Unfortunately, he was not there, but the man talked to us a bit about having Stephen at the restaurant for the shoot. He indicated that filming was done early in the morning before the store’s opening, and that he was quite amiable of course with the staff, as per his usual. He mentioned that Stephen said he doesn’t like tea “because of the tannins.” He also brandished a nice phone pic of he and Stephen in his riding costume, reminding me once again why New Yorkers are so gosh darn lucky. You guys get to have stuff like this happen to you! In any event, do go to Tea and Sympathy if you are in the Village, and have the roast beef sandwich. But be prepared to scrunch.

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Live Discussion Thread: The Secret Policeman’s Ball!


The Secret Policeman's Ball livestreaming

Don’t forget to check out The Secret Policeman’s Ball, March 4th at 7pm EST! Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart will be performing, along with a whole lot more of our favorites.

Those in the US can watch the broadcast live and commercial free on EPIX and streamed online as well as via EPIX apps on Xbox 360 and Roku. Participating affiliated television providers including Charter and Verizon will also offer a live stream of the event on their online portals.

Feel free to start a discussion here and check back during the show for a live Hubster chat!

Live Stream: Epix HD
TVPlus App: iTunes
Facebook Page: The Secret Policeman’s Ball
Facebook Event (US): The Secret Policeman’s Ball
Facebook Event (UK): The Secret Policeman’s Ball
Twitter: @secretpoliceman

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Jan 25

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to Perform at “The Secret Policeman’s Ball” New York.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to perform at The Secret Policeman's Ball New York Human rights organization Amnesty International is bringing The Secret Policeman’s Ball, a celebration of free speech featuring music and comedy, to the U.S. for the first time.

Organizers said Wednesday that the event would take place at Radio City Music Hall on March 4 and feature performances by Coldplay, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Mumford and Sons, Russell Brand, Reggie Watts and others.

“The Secret Policeman’s Ball has a long and hilariously off-color history of using comic genius to fight for free speech and human rights around the world,” said Lily Sobhani, executive producer of the ball. “We are thrilled that the leading lights of comedy and music are coming together to bring the Secret Policeman’s Ball to the United States for the first time.”


“I used to think humor was a luxury, but at the last election Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert taught me it was a necessity,” said comedian John Cleese. “The Secret Policeman’s Ball was – and is – a coming together of the very best comedy talent of any generation to celebrate their art, remind audiences how important free speech is, and highlight just how much vital work Amnesty International does to protect it. I implore you to support it.”


Ticket sales for the event start later this month. The organization is believed to be looking at a possible TV deal for the event, but didn’t immediately announce a TV partner.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

Facebook: The Secret Policeman’s Ball.
Twitter: @secretpoliceman.

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