Sep 26

Stephen Colbert Vs. Eric ‘Schmidthead’: Google Chairman Faces Off With Comic Nemesis

Stephen Colbert, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg at 92Y

(via @StephenAtHome)

“We’ve got 42 shows left. Something like that. That’s it,” Stephen Colbert said.

“That’s terrible,” Eric Schmidt replied.

“That’s lovely,” Colbert corrected. “Forty-two shows and then we’ll do something else. I’m not dying.”

The proceedings Tuesday night at the 92nd Street Y were supposedly about Google executive chairman Schmidt and Google executive Jonathan Rosenberg—coauthors of How Google Works, a book-length treatise on the secrets of innovation and success at the technology behemoth, which they’ve been promoting on every conceivable media platform over the past few days.

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Sep 23

Why Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Need to Apologize

Stephen Colbert Who's Attacking Me NowWhen Stephen made a reference to the fact that he only has one female writer, as he accepted his Emmy in August, for “Outstanding Variety Show”, he then apologized, “for some reason”. What I thought he was trying to say when he said that was actually more the opposite. I don’t think he should have to apologize at all. He has done nothing wrong. However, many people in the media seem to disagree judging by the number of recent articles commenting on that one line in his Emmy acceptance speech. So we here at the Hub have delved into this issue, analyzed it and here are the results. The opinions expressed in this piece are mine and not necessarily representative of Colbert News Hub as a whole.

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Sep 20

‘The Colbert Report’ to Change Channels in Canada

The Colbert Report logo Heads up Canadian Hubsters! Commencing on Monday, September 22nd, 2014, ‘The Colbert Report’ will no longer air at 11:35PM ET on the Comedy Network. Instead, the shows first airing on Canadian television will be at 11:30PM / 8:30PM on M3, followed by a repeat showing on the Comedy Network at 12:37PM EP.

M3 is available via local cable providers or on:

  • Bell Satellite Channels 571 (SD) and 1671 (HD)
  • Shaw Direct channel 581
  • Rogers channels 36, 477 (HD) and 702

(Thank you to Sharilyn for the channel info!)

Sep 18

September 2nd, 2014: The Taping ReporT!

The Colbert Report taping report Hello, everyone! It’s me, Stephensmile64, back again with another taping reporT. So yeah, I know what you’re all thinking? “Stephensmile64, didn’t you just attend a taping?” Why yes, I did. So unfortunately, I did not attend this show but a friend of a friend of mine did. I actually got the tickets for he and three of his friends and the following day, he graciously sent me a brief email report.

He attended the September 2, 2014 show and this was his first taping ever. He had a wonderful time and quickly sent me some of the Q&A. For him, these questions and answers were totally new, so he was really excited about hearing them. He also stated that Stephen was very open and sincere. So, without further ado …

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Sep 13

In The Press – September Edition

Stephen Colbert newsWhen news stories fall through the cracks, we here at Colbert News Hub find them for a post we call, In The Press.

Now that the kids are back in school hopefully y’all have time to catch up on the latest involving our hero and his colleagues. In this edition, more late night news, Howard Kurtz is back, Jon Stewart’s film and Stephen gets blowback from his Emmy Acceptance Speech.

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Aug 25

In The Press – Emmys 2014 Edition

Stephen Colbert newsWhen news stories fall through the cracks, we here at Colbert News Hub catch them for a post we call, “In The Press”.

EMMYS!! Here are some of the stories, all about the Emmys. The good news is that Stephen’s writers have already started to celebrate after last week’s Creative Arts Emmy win. Let’s hope the celebration can continue.

There are a few articles about the upcoming Emmys on Monday! Enjoy and GOOD LUCK TCR!!

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