Jan 25

Alex Schuler Talks Stunt Work on ‘The Colbert Report’

Alex Schuler with Stephen Colbert and Nancy Pelosi

In the penultimate week of ‘The Colbert Report’, you may recall Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi threw down some pretty neat moves on a BMX during the last installment of ‘Better Know a District’. Turns out it wasn’t actually Nancy Pelosi, but stuntman Alex Schuler. A rider from North Carolina, Alex recently joined the film industry as a stuntman, and has already had the opportunity to work on some big projects. In an interview with Vital BMX he speaks about his experiences working on ‘The Colbert Report’ and his upcoming projects.

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Jan 20

‘The Colbert Report’ Best of 2014 Articles

Stephen Colbert news
It is no surprise to us, the Colbert Nation, that The Colbert Report was cited in many Best of 2014 articles. The last year of The Report will never be forgotten. This groundbreaking show will live on forever. After all, “Stephen Colbert” is immortal. Check out these articles from around the web and give us your thoughts in the comment section.

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Jan 19

Stephen Colbert Returns as Professor Impossible in ‘The Venture Bros.’ Season Six Special

Stephen Colbert as Professor Impossible in The Venture Bros

On Monday, January 19th, ‘The Venture Bros.’ kicks off season six at midnight on Adult Swim with a special hour-long episode, “All This And Gargantua-2″, with Stephen Colbert returning to voice supervillain, Professor Richard Impossible.

Previously, Stephen provided the voice for Professor Impossible in the first and second seasons, with Christopher McCulloch taking over the role in the third season, and Bill Hader in the fourth.

Jan 16

The Colbert Report: Immortal Satire

A Look Back at “The Colbert Report’s” great satirical moments reveals how the show will live on in the public consciousness, long after its finale.

Stephen Colbert on Stack of Bibles

Rebellious and somehow still reverent, “The Colbert Report” was an equal-opportunity Truthiness Revealer in its treatment of hot-button sociopolitical issues.

Stephen Colbert is King of the Internet. He has been regularly memed, tumblerized, quoted, cited, blogged about, tweeted about, celebrated and possibly inflated by the media, cruelly deflated by the media, and so on, throughout his long nine-year run hosting The Colbert Report. In whatever light he is cast, Stephen Colbert and his team’s brand of satire on The Colbert Report will continue to ripple out for a long, long time. The invocation of his name on every piece of the internet-o-sphere is no accident, but rather a reflection of his influence and appeal. However, this phenomenon took years to develop, and required that the show adapt and grow. Increasingly, the show ventured off the set and took its improvisational games out into the real world in order to reach its satirical goals. In this post, I will explore some of the pivotal events that resulted. Its malleable nature notwithstanding, the program’s core concept of exposing “truthiness” has remained intact, and has not only become popularized, but immortalized; therefore, its message will linger in public consciousness for years to come.

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Jan 16

Stephen Colbert’s “The Alibi” Passed Over by HBO’s “Project Greenlight”

Last December we reported that “The Alibi”, a comedy scripted by Stephen Colbert about a service that cleans up messes and creates cover stories for cheating spouses, had moved forward in production.

The New York Times” recently report that:

“As for Miramax, the company has its logo on the new movie and is finally getting cash flow from scripts once thought dead. […] while a third, written by Stephen Colbert and titled “The Alibi,” has been picked up by HBO’s “Project Greenlight,” the old reality competition that is being revived for 2015.”

The article was later corrected, stating that the script had not in fact been picked up by “Project Greenlight”.

“The Alibi” has not been picked up by HBO’s “Project Greenlight,” the old reality competition that is being revived for 2015. (“The Alibi” was considered for the show, but then “Greenlight” executives decided to move forward with a different script.)

But perhaps, more importantly, given the age of the script, how much of the current version is Stephen Colbert’s original work? If it were to be put into production, would Stephen be as proud of “The Alibi” now as he was when he first wrote it?

(Thank you to Sharilyn for the Tip!)

Jan 13

Event ReporT: A Candid Conversation with the Real Stephen Colbert – A Benefit for Two River Theater Company at Count Basie Theatre (2009)

The Colbert Report taping report Hubster Kevin has sent us this wonderful “Event ReporT” from his trip to “A Candid Conversation with the Real Stephen Colbert – A Benefit for Two River Theater Company at Count Basie Theatre” from way back on November 1st, 2009.

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