Sep 30

Better Know A Guest, September 29 – October 2, 2014

Better Know a Guest Welcome to Better Know a Guest, your weekly guide to the wonderful and diverse array of personalities appearing on ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Daily Show’ each week.

Hello, Colbert News Hub!  First off I want to apologize that this news section isn’t going to include anything that happens over the weekend, because I’m writing on Friday before flying off to South Carolina for what might be the last beach weekend of the season. Gotta have my priorities.

This week in world news, Britain, Denmark, and Belgium joined the United States in bombing Iraq in an attempt to stop ISIS, while in Africa the Ebola death toll hit 3000. The Iraqi Prime Minister warned that terrorist attacks were being planned against subways in New York (and in Paris), prompting Bill DeBlasio, Andrew Cuomo, and NYC police commissioner William Bratton to ride the subway in defiance (the US has found no evidence of the threat.) You know, the usual uplifting news. On the positive, New York Yankee Derek Jeter finished his home game career with a game-winning single, and there were tears. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin spoke at the Values Voter Summit and got the address of the White House wrong.

Stephen’s guests this week are a chef, an actor, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a journalist. Jon’s are a journalist, an actor, a writer/actress, and a director.

Let us know who you’re excited for, and what you’d like to see covered this week!

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Aug 21

In the Press – August 20, 2014

Stephen Colbert newsWhen news stories fall through the cracks, we here at Colbert News Hub find them for a post we call, In The Press.

Hey, hubsters! These posts just keep on comin’. We are working to get out all these press pieces about Stephen in a timely fashion, but sometimes life happens and we get a little behind. Our apologies. Also, we have been tweaking the format a bit, as you may have noticed from the last ITP.

Please give feedback about it in the comments below- what’s better, what could change, etc. Much appreciated!

Anyway, the Emmys are here! Only a few more days. Can you believe it? It seems like it was just yesterday that we members of Colbert Nation were love drunk (and perhaps actually drunk) celebrating the big win for the show! So get ready and read on!

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Jan 14

Better Know a Guest: January 14 -17, 2013

The Colbert Report Guest Line Up Welcome to Better Know a Guest, your weekly guide to the wonderful and diverse array of personalities appearing on ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Daily Show’ each week.

Hello, Hubsters!

Can we talk? (Yes, I’m stealing that line.) I’m personally getting a little annoyed at media folk who keep saying that Jimmy Kimmel’s new 11:35 show now “makes it a three-man race.” Uh . . . NO. It makes it a FOUR-man race! Why do they keep ignoring Stephen as a competitor? He and Jon get the most advertiser-desired audience of the group. It may not be largest viewership, but it is considered the most sought-after. It’s infuriating. Here’s an announcement: the big networks aren’t all that matter anymore. In fact, they may matter LESS now than others. Get with the times, understand what’s happening with media, and judge properly.

*I am now stepping down from my soapbox.*

Both Jon and Stephen delivered a sparkling first week back. Both of them seemed positively giddy to return to work and, clearly, both knew there was plenty of material just waiting for them. Kudos to Jon for his lengthy openers, which took on the fiscal cliff, gun control, and Sandy recovery funding. (Does it seem to you he’s using the correspondents less and less?) Stephen tackled most of those subjects in an equally brilliant, yet extremely different, way. It’s always fascinating for me to see how they each approach the same news story.

And then there were naughty couches….  😉

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May 3, 2012– Lena Dunham


The Colbert Report Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER:  8097 (May 3, 2012)
GUESTS: Lena Dunham | Buzz Aldrine
SEGMENTS: Newt Gingrich & Mitt Romney Alliance Analogies | Colbert Super PAC – Search of Mr. Larose | Who’s Honoring Me Now? – National Space Society & Buzz Aldrin | Lena Dunham (Creator, Writer and Actress – “Girls”) | Sign Off – 2012 Space Pioneer Award for Mass Media
SUIT REPORT: Black suit | White shirt | Red/white striped tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not only did we have Buzz on tonight’s show but Stephen finally addressed the many comparisons made between him and Mr. Larose (In The Press readers are aware of my interest in this story and he finally tackled it). Pretty sweet night!  Comment it up and I’ll be back soon with more.

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Better Know a Guest: April 30 – May 3, 2012


Hello, Hubsters!

The Colbert Report Guest Line UpWell, I am back after being ill, although still slightly on the mend. Last week had some wonderful moments, didn’t it—especially Jack White. Any set of shows that gives me White and a Word can only be considered successful, in my humble opinion.

Our next four shows are bookended by two actresses, one with over 40 years experience and the other only in her twenties, yet running an entire HBO show. In between, we meet two less-famous yet no less influential persons attempting to fix what they see as problems in our political and social system. They have very different perspectives, but should both be fascinating.

And, oh: I will not address that unjust loss. We all know who should have won.

Can you say PEABODY? Can you say TIME 100? Some people get it, some people don’t. But we know the score, right Nation? Right!

And good luck to our very own Remy, who is probably even now trying to figure out Stephen’s clue and win a college visit from Mr. Colbert.

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