Nov 12

Better Know a Guest – November 12 – 15, 2012

The Colbert Report Guest Line Up Hello, Hubsters!

Welcome to what probably will be the last week of shows before Thanksgiving break.  And we know what the top story will be, don’t we—especially for Jon, whose interview with Paula Broadwell has gone viral and is being parsed everywhere for clues and double entendres.  Making the rounds along with the clip: a photo of Stewart and Broadwell at a barbecue in North Carolina that she held in honor of vets and wounded warriors. The puns are already flying. I immediately commented that Petraeus surged where he wasn’t supposed to. Lizz Winstead, the original co-creator of The Daily Show, wondered if he’d used surge protection. The New York Post headline read: “Cloak and Shag Her.” Frankly, I’m waiting for more news (and witticisms) to break, because I don’t think this is it.

I’m feeling happy and relieved after the election, not just because of the presidency but also because of the number of women and minorities about to join the Senate. It was an election of many happy firsts, including the first Asian-American woman senator (she’s also the first Buddhist) and the first openly gay woman senator. I didn’t expect to find out so early that Obama had won; I’d steeled myself for an extremely late night–which it turned out to be only because Mitt took so darn long to concede. With the victory speech taking place in the wee hours of the morning, it became just a little harder for those of us who had to go to work the next day. What can I say? I guess that wasn’t Mitt’s problem. Following on the heels of the hurricane, it was all very draining for me.

This week’s guests includes a writer I admire and a politician I don’t.  As our Hub-leader said to me, the studio may need to be fumigated on Tuesday.

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Better Know a Guest: October 3 — 6, 2011


The Colbert Report Guest Line Up Hello, Hubsters!
Last week was thrilling, wasn’t it? There were so many highlights: The first hour-long show, featuring Radiohead. The transparent SuperPAC transforming into the secretive c4.  The yearly arrival of the Atone Phone, with John Lithgow calling in. (And if you’re a Lithgow fan, read on for more news!)  I enjoyed it all, including a stinging WORD and the return visit of Trevor Potter, who really has been wonderful explaining the legalities of campaign contributions. I’m so proud of Stephen for his outrageously cutting-edge efforts to enlighten everyone about the effects of the Supreme Court’s ruling giving corporations the status of people. There’s just no one like him.

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