May 16

DonorsChoose Board Members Featured in ‘Vanity Fair’

Stephen Colbert at Donors Choose

© Annie Leibovitz | Vanity Fair

When I was a high-school student in Dallas, my math teacher Mrs. Bauer went to a conference and saw a demonstration of one of the first personal computers. She thought, These are going to be big. She enrolled in a night class in computer science so she could teach us how to use computers, even though she had to pay the tuition herself. Her dedication to bringing innovation into our classroom changed my life and launched a career I could never have imagined. How many of us had a teacher like Mrs. Bauer? Wouldn’t it be great if we had a way to support the amazing educators who work so hard to expose their students to the world around them?

Well, we do, through, which makes it easy to help teachers bring their ideas to life. provides a simple way for people who want to lend a hand to help teachers meet their classroom needs.

Teaching is a very demanding job, and it’s even tougher if teachers don’t have a way to get the resources their students need. From kindergarten to high school, many public-school teachers routinely use their own money to buy materials for their classrooms, including basic items like pencils and books. If schools can’t provide more expensive supplies, such as those for a chemistry lab, students have to go without and their learning suffers.

Through, anyone can be connected to a specific teacher in a specific school with a specific idea about a project for students. You can support teachers in your child’s school, in your community, or anywhere in the country. You can choose projects in particular subjects you find interesting, from math and science to the humanities.

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May 13

Colbert News Hub’s ‘DonorsChoose’ Birthday Initiative

Colbert News Hub Donors Choose Giving Page On behalf of the staff and community at Colbert News Hub, Happy Birthday to Stephen Colbert! In celebration of our fearless host’s birthday on Monday, May 13th, we are once again reactivating our DonorsChoose Page. Your generous contribution will not only honor Stephen in a practical and tangible way, but also help deserving schoolchildren in need of important tools for their education.

In an effort to mobilize our community to fund projects for the most deserving students, we tried to select the best possible theme for this year’s initiative. Shortly after watching the TCR interview with Charlie LeDuff and listening to his anguish about his native city of Detroit, we received a mass email from DonorsChoose CEO Charles Best. He voiced his concerns about Detroit-area schools, stating that “budget cuts and financial mismanagement have left many classrooms barren. Students and their families are suffering. Against these odds, dozens of Detroit teachers are using to give their students a better chance.”

For that reason, our page is focusing on projects supporting children in Detroit. Here are a few we would like to help fund:

We thought that Stephen would approve of the science projects we selected on our page, as science-related topics have played such an important role on TCR.

Several projects are well on their way to being funded. They just need a little push to get the supplies finally to the teachers and kids. Colbert News Hub will get things going with a $50 donation. Help us celebrate Stephen’s birthday the best way we know how – by making a difference for our least little brothers and sisters. A little goes a long way.

Nov 16

Suits, You Sir! Stephen Colbert at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds New York Gala 2012.

Stephen Colbert event photos Stephen Colbert was the special guest at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds New York Gala 2012, which raised $1.4 million for DonorsChoose. The global non-profit organisation has also launched a special initiative to invite its global members to donate additional funds to support schools affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey.

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Oct 03

Support ‘The Colbert Report Growers’ on DonorsChoose.

The staff of The Colbert Report, along with friends of the show, are about to get a little hairier – all in support of Stephen’s signature charity (and ours!), donorschoose. Notable TCR staffers such as Paul Dinello, Matt Lappin, director Jim Hoskinson, and many others are, as they put it, “subjecting themselves to public humiliation and private doubt” by offering to grow mustaches throughout the month of October in a project entitled “Mustaches for Kids.”

You can show your love for the mustache-growers by sponsoring them individually on “The Colbert Report Growers” page. It will be great to see Paul Dinello with a flowing mustache, so be sure to give generously. As for the participants – share some pics please! Or it didn’t happen!

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May 13

Colbert News Hub’s ‘DonorsChoose’ Giving Page Birthday Initiative

Colbert News Hub Donors Choose Giving Page
In honor of Stephen’s birthday today, May 13th, our staff at Colbert News Hub have added some new projects to our DonorsChoose Giving Page. What better way to commemorate our favorite host’s birthday than to give a man who has everything something that never goes out of style – a donation to his signature charity. We recognize that times are tough, and we promise not to hold “drives” more than twice a year. If you were thinking of sending Stephen something for his birthday, consider making a charitable donation to some of the projects highlighted on our giving page instead, as it will definitely make a lasting impact in the lives of some deserving kids. [Updated]
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Article: Stephen Colbert’s Contribution to DonorsChoose.


DonorsChoose Logo

“A day doesn’t go by that Stephen Colbert doesn’t do something for DonorsChoose,” Charles Best told me over a recent lunch. Best is the Founder and CEO of DonorsChoose, an online charity that makes it easy to help students in need through school donations. Colbert serves on the board.

Best explained that every evening, Colbert gives a DonorsChoose gift card to his Colbert Report guests. The gift cards, for which Colbert has already paid, gives guests an opportunity to go online to choose where the contribution will go. The idea is that once guests start looking at the teachers and their requests on the DonorsChoose site, they will continue giving on their own, and perhaps even start giving gift cards themselves.

You, too, can give DonorsChoose gift cards to business clients, friends and family. There is also a lesson here for board members to think about how you can be useful, every day, to the organization where you serve.

Full Article: “Giving Like The Stars”.

Dec 20

This Week in the Hub: December 7th – 20th.

The round-up from the weeks of December 7th – 20th, including Six Degrees News from; The Daily Show, John Oliver, Jason Reich, Samantha Bee, Frank Lesser, Amy Sedaris, Conan O’Brien and Steve Carell.

Martha Teichner from CBS News speaks to David Hallberg about his decision to join ‘The Bolshoi Ballet’ in Russia, and goes behind-the-scenes of ‘The Colbert Report’.

(Stephen appears at 0:00 – 0:32 and 6:08 – 7:00)

(Thanks to karenatasha for the Tip!)

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