Dec 28

Best of 2012: The Colbert Report in Review.

Colbert News Hub A Look Back2012 was definitely a year to remember for all of us in Colbert Nation. It seems as though the show started to steer its own course this year. The tosses have ended and the show seems to be breaking away from its’ connection to Jon and The Daily Show. This year’s election show, much like in 2010, was not a joint venture between The Daily Show and TCR. In addition, there were many more “out of character” moments where it just felt as if Stephen couldn’t help but bust out of his persona and be himself. Moments like Hobbit week and dozens of musical acts and performances. As we look back to 2012, what do you all think of the direction the show took this year and where it may head next year?

Even though the show did appear to be cutting the ties to the Daily Show, we had some great moments between Stephen and Jon. It was almost just enough to satisfy those of us who still love to see these two great men working together.

Here is a recap of the best and most memorable moments in 2012.

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Nov 28

November 27, 2012 — Dolly Parton

The Colbert Report Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: 9028 (November 27, 2012)
GUESTS: Dolly Parton | Reihan Salam
SEGMENTS: Canada’s Grinch | The Fiscal Cliff Compromise | The Fiscal Cliff Compromise – Reihan Salam | Sign Off – Country Chords
SUIT REPORT: Gray suit | Navy tie | White Shirt | Country Garb (Sparkly cactus suit jacket)
VIDEOS:Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I had a dream where Stephen was playing the guitar so beautifully and singing with Dolly Parton…or was that real? Read on.
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Nov 26

Better Know a Guest: November 26 – 29, 2012: UPDATE

The Colbert Report Guest Line UpHello, Hubsters!

Welcome back! Is everyone who celebrated turkeyed-out? (Or whatever you feasted on—perhaps there are some vegetarians/vegans here.) I hope it was a great holiday, for Hubsters and for Stephen, Jon, and their families.

But now we’re back, and into the home stretch before the Christmas/New Year’s break. (Yeah, Jon’s Jewish, but Hanukkah begins December 8th, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Stewart will be on the job then.)

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Jan 10

Better Know a Guest: January 9 — 12, 2012

The Colbert Report Guest Line Up Hello, Hubsters–

Wasn’t that a wonderful first week back? It was everything I wished it would be and more. I was especially thrilled with that incredible Word, but you can never go wrong with Stephen wearing a funny Mayan hat and holding a chicken. Or gizmos that symbolically flush Erin Burnett down the toilet. Really–especially that.

Now Ms. Burnett has thrown down the gauntlet and we’ll see if Stephen stoops to pick it up…and conquer. In any case, the political world is serving up some hot, fresh material that’s ripe for the taking. Did you hear that Mitt Romney let loose a Freudian slip by saying that “he loves to fire people?” Okay–when you hear the statement in context it’s a lot more complicated than that, but his fellow GOP vultures are already swooping down to feed on the line. And it should provide lots of fun for either Jon or Stephen. And with TWO, count ’em TWO, Republican debates in less than 12 hours, I’m sure both staffs will have enough jokes to put some aside or tweet mightily.

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