Mar 14

March 13, 2012 — Andrew Bird

EPISODE: 8070 (March 13, 2012)
GUEST: Andrew Bird
SEGMENTS: Whos’ not Honoring Me Now? Seattle’s Pop Conference | Threatdown-Stoned Pat Robertson, Muslim-American Reality TV and Pampered Bears |Indecision 2012-Republican Southern Primary-Simplified Speeches
SUIT REPORT: Black suit jacket | White Dress shirt | Yellow tie with blue stripes
VIDEOS: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Mar 12

Better Know a Guest: March 12 – 15, 2012

Hello, Hubsters,

The Colbert Report Guest Line UpIrene, good night. Irene, good night. I can’t get that song out of my head—which is an apparently documented scientific phenomenon, by the way. There are some strategies for stopping the music, but I’m just not sure I want to. I think I’ll let Irene stay in my dreams for a little while longer. If music be the food of Stephen, play on!

In short, last week was incredible. Stephen sang twice (and didn’t he look happy?); had an amazing WORD with a knockout closer; mocked Mitt and Santorum muchly as Super Tuesday proved neither super nor decisive; and parodied yet another brain-baffling Cain ad.

This coming week has a very different roster of guests, but I think they all sound great.

So, let’s go!

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