Nov 30

Water Cooler — Post-Turkey Edition

© American Greetings

© American Greetings

Stop by CNH’s Water Cooler, where fellow Hubsters commiserate and comment on current events, or whatever you like, while our boys Jon and Stephen are away.

Hello Hubsters! For our American friends, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. For our Jewish friends, hope you’re having a great Chanukah as well. Let’s gather ’round the water cooler and huddle up before the show returns next week.

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Nov 26

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon Let Loose to Benefit Montclair Film Festival

Two lions of late night TV — Emmy and Peabody Award winner Stephen Colbert and Emmy and Grammy Award winner Jimmy Fallon — sang, joked, improvised and answered questions for about two hours at a fundraiser for the 2014 Montclair Film Festival last night. Some 2,600 fans filled the plush NJ Performing Arts Center on a frigid Sunday evening.The fun and freewheeling event kicked off with a 20-minute montage of Colbert and Fallon bits that aired on their shows — including their “Sugar Cone of Love” and “Somewhere Out There” duets.

Seated onstage in two leather chairs, Colbert asked Fallon questions about his comic influences, the Smothers Brothers and Rodney Dangerfield (“one of the greatest comedians of all time”), the hardest part of his day (“when you don’t have any bits”) and taking over the Tonight Show (Jay Leno advised him his monologues should be about 10 minutes because some people will only get their news from you). The two were playful with the audience (a woman who complained of bad seats on Twitter was called down to the stage) and each other, with Colbert saying of Fallon’s move to the Tonight Show “I feel zero competition from you. I’m not worried about ratings, I’m on basic cable.”

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Nov 26

Jimmy Fallon in Conversation with Stephen Colbert at NJPAC

Stephen Colbert event photos Official event photos from the Montclair Film Festival fundraiser, ‘Jimmy Fallon in Conversation with Stephen Colbert – Best Friends Forever For One More Night’ held on Sunday, November 24th at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, New Jersey.

The complete set of event photos can be found on the Montclair Film Festivals flickr page.

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Nov 24

Stephen Colbert featured on the ‘Wild Chicago’ DVD

Stephen Colbert on Wild Chicago

Purchase: $24.99

It’s been nearly 25 years since WTTW’s “Wild Chicago” first hit the air waves — and a decade since it left — and now fans of the popular, offbeat show can own a piece of it for the first time.

Highlights from the first two seasons of the show, hosted by the show’s ever-safari-ready Ben Hollis, are newly available on DVD.

The show — which premiered on Jan. 6, 1989 — turned the spotlight on some of the city’s most eccentric and off-beat corners, all to the bizarre soundtrack provided by composer Roger Adler. As Robert Feder notes, though the show remained on the air through 2003, its heyday was when Hollis was at the helm through 1992.

Among the highlights of the release are a pre-fame Stephen Colbert, a supremely awkward interview with Mayor Richard M. Daley, features on the “Tiger Moves” man, the Belmont and Clark punks and “Rat Lady” and other segments featuring some of the city’s most offbeat inhabitants and institutions.

Full Article: The Huffington Post.

Nov 22

November 21, 2013 — J.J. Abrams

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 10028 (November 21, 2013)
GUEST: J.J. Abrams
SEGMENTS: Intro – 11/21/13 | Nuclear Option in the Senate | Mary Fallin and Same-Sex Benefits | “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? It’s Me, Stephen Colbert.” | Sign Off – “S”
EXCLUSIVES: Grey Suit | White Shirt | Navy Patterned Tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, November 21, 2013

JJ Abrams Squirrel

On tonight’s show Stephen kicked off his interview with director and author J.J. Abrams by saying, ‘It’s been a long time. The squirrel is in the basket’. During the interview, it was hard not to notice the camera briefly zoom out while a picture of a ‘squirrel’ and later another of a ‘basket’ flashed up on the screen behind the interview area.

This is not the first time Stephen has said ‘the squirrel is in the basket’. Previously, it was mentioned during the intro to the March 15, 2010 episode, in which Stephen asks Robert Baer if the squirrel is in the basket.

But what do they mean? Are they ‘Easter Egg’s’, something else, or nothing at all? Could Stephen just have been ‘Baer Baiting’ as the intro graphic suggested, or are these two events somehow strangely connected?

If you attended last night’s taping, can you help shed some light on what surely will be puzzling us until the show returns on December 2nd.

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