Jun 28

Stephen Colbert Invited a Girl Who Lost Her Dad to Cancer to ‘The Colbert Report’.

Stephen Colbert purple bracelet


reddit user katiecsaylor posted this touching photo of her younger sister with Stephen Colbert, taken before Wednesday night’s show. Having recently lost their father to cancer, katiecsaylor’s sister wrote Stephen a letter explaining that she and her father watched the show every night together before he passed away. In the letter, she also included one of the bracelets that she started marking to raise money for the American Cancer Society, which Stephen has worn every night for the past three months. At 11 years old, she was too young to be apart of the studio audience, but Stephen invited her to the show nonetheless, where she watched back stage. To make him feel better about losing his mother, she also gave Stephen a stuffed eagle, which he named after her and put on his desk.

(Thank you to StephenSmile64 and Clem for the Tip!)

Jun 27

June 26, 2013 — Bill Moyers

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 9120 (June 26, 2013)
GUESTS: Bill Moyers | Emily Bazelon
SEGMENTS: Intro-6-26-13 | The Supreme Court Rules on DOMA | The End of the Voting Rights Act | The Voting Rights Act & Gay Marriage – Emily Bazelon | Sign Off – Goodnight
SUIT REPORT: Charcoal Pinstripe Suit | White Shirt | Red Cris-Cross Pattern Tie
VIDEOS: June 26, 2013

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Jun 26

June 25, 2013 – Peniel Joseph

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 9119 (June 25, 2013)
GUESTS: Peniel Joseph | Larry Rohter | Esteban Colberto
SEGMENTS: Intro – 6/25/13 | SCOTUS on 1965 Voting Rights Act | Brazil’s Political Protests | Brazil’s Political Protests – Larry Rohter | George Zimmerman’s Murder Trial | Peniel Joseph | Sign Off – Goodnight
SUIT REPORT: Gray Suit | White Dress Shirt | Blue/Gray Striped Tie
VIDEOS: Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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Jun 25

June 24, 2013 — Andrew Solomon

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 9118 (June 24, 2013)
GUESTS: Andrew Solomon
STAFF CAMEO: Jay Katsir (Jay the Intern)
SEGMENTS: Where in the World Is Edward Snowdiego? | The IRS & Darrell Issa’s Gut | The Word – Truthinews | Tiny Triumphs – Laser Klan
SUIT REPORT: Black Pin Striped suit | Light Blue Shirt | Gold Striped Tie
VIDEOS: Monday, June 24, 2013

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Jun 25

Better Know A Guest: June 24 — 27, 2013

The Colbert Report Guest Line Up Welcome to ‘Better Know a Guest’, your weekly guide to the wonderful and diverse array of personalities appearing on ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Daily Show’ each week.

Hi Everyone! In this last week of programming before the July 4th break week, we are seeing some great guests lined up, including an author, a historian, Bill Moyers coming in for a repeat visit, and a world famous architect who most recently created the New World Trade Center.

Let’s take a look at the week ahead and let us know whom you’re excited to see.

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