Mar 01

Rob Minkoff on Working with Stephen Colbert

Netflix talks to the cast and director of ‘Mr Peabody & Sherman’ ahead of its March 7th US release date. Hub Staffer Llama has kindly pieced together the portions of the clip featuring Stephen Colbert.

She Knows Entertainment spoke to director Rob Minkoff to find out if he felt any pressure about re-creating beloved cartoon characters, the latest technical advances in animation, and what it was like working with Stephen Colbert:

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Feb 28

February 27, 2014 – Jeff Goldblum

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 10070 (February 27, 2014)
GUESTS: Jeff Goldblum
SEGMENTS: Intro – 2/27/14 | Defeat for Arizona’s Anti-Gay Legislation | Black History Month – Stereotypes & Racial Identity | Laser Klan | Jeff Goldblum | Sign Off – Wedding Cake
SUIT REPORT: Dark Suit | White Striped Shirt | Yellow/Blue Striped Tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Feb 27

February 26, 2014 – Meryl Davis & Charlie White

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 10069 (February 26, 2014)
GUESTS: Meryl Davis & Charlie White
SEGMENTS: Michelle Obama vs. Child Obesity | Colbert’s Very Wanted – Who Took Gumby? | Fox News on Hillary Clinton’s Age | Sign Off – Chair Twirl
SUIT REPORT: Gray Suit | Pale Blue Shirt | Navy Patterned Tie
VIDEOS: Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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Feb 26

February 25, 2014 – St. Vincent

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 10068 (February 25, 2014)
GUESTS: St. Vincent
SEGMENTS: The Huffington Post on the Past Lives of Children | Outrage over Military Budget Cuts | The Word – Jobsolete | Consumers for Paper Options | St. Vincent | St. Vincent – “Digital Witness”
EXCLUSIVE: St. Vincent – “Birth in Reverse”
SUIT REPORT: Dark Suit | Violet Shirt | Purple Stripped Tie
VIDEOS: Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Feb 25

February 24, 2014 – Darlene Love

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 10067 (February 24, 2014)
GUESTS: Darlene Love | Gideon Rose
SEGMENTS: Intro – 2/24/14 | Blade in the USA – Dutch Coach’s Anti-America Rant | Crisis in the Ukraine | Crisis in the Ukraine – Gideon Rose | Darlene Love | Darlene Love – “He’s a Rebel” | Sign Off – Remembering Harold Ramis
EXCLUSIVE: Darlene Love – “Da Doo Ron Ron”
SUIT REPORT: Dark Suit | White Shirt | Blue Stripped Tie
VIDEOS: Monday, February 24, 2014

Darlene Love on The Colbert Report

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Feb 25

Better Know a Guest: February 24 – 27, 2014

The Colbert Report Guest Line Up Welcome to Better Know a Guest, your weekly guide to the wonderful and diverse array of personalities appearing on ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Daily Show’ each week.

Hello Hubsters!  Another week, another series of shows!  It looks like a pretty interesting week to me!  Also, Bill O’Reilly’s microwave for the Yellow Ribbon Fund sold for $5400.  Way to go!  I’m also interested to see what Stephen’s got in store for the last few days of the Olympics.  What do you all want to see?

Stephen’s guests this week include two singers, two Olympians, and an actor.

Jon’s guests this week are two authors, a scientist, and an actor.

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Feb 25

Splitsider to ‘The Colbert Report’: More Correspondents, Please

Splitsider, echoing a suggestion we’ve been banding about here at CNH, wrote an article exhorting team TCR to get some shiny new faces alongside Stephen’s on the Report. Here’s an excerpt:

Buddy Cole on The Colbert ReportThroughout the eight years and change The Colbert Report has been on the air, the show hasn’t relied on correspondents very much, but it was something the writers experimented with in the early days. Every late night show has a “figuring things out” period as different segments and styles of comedy are tested out in its first weeks, and Colbert toyed with the notion of recurring correspondents. Colbert’s Second City Chicago colleague Tim Meadows played black Republican commentator P.K. Winsome, and David Cross portrayed Colbert’s Al Franken-esque liberal pundit rival Russ Lieber, but neither have popped up on the show in years.

While’s Colbert’s nature as a comedy one-man-band makes great entertainment, his correspondents still manage to bring a different voice to the show. Sure, Colbert would be capable of playing a gay character to comment on Russia’s homophobia, but having the perspective of a real gay guy, Scott Thompson, adds another dimension and some depth to the segments. Colbert is an amazing comedian and he and his writers know how to write for him, but adding another talented comedy person to the show here and there doesn’t hurt. Eight years is a long time for any show to be on the air, and continuing to add new elements into the mix and evolve will help Colbert Report from resting on its laurels and becoming stale.

Full Article: Splitsider

While the show in many ways seemingly gets better and better with Stephen + guests as the main event, our fearless host does have a treasure trove of friends from Second City and elsewhere that can lend their talents and spice up any segment he chooses. Either way, I think, it’s fine, but I tend to concur with Splitsider.

What do you think? Who have been your favorite “correspondents” on TCR, and who might you like to see on the show in all faux-seriousness?