Jan 13

Event ReporT: A Candid Conversation with the Real Stephen Colbert – A Benefit for Two River Theater Company at Count Basie Theatre (2009)

The Colbert Report taping report Hubster Kevin has sent us this wonderful “Event ReporT” from his trip to “A Candid Conversation with the Real Stephen Colbert – A Benefit for Two River Theater Company at Count Basie Theatre” from way back on November 1st, 2009.

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Jan 12

Stephen Colbert is ‘America’s Cool Pastor’

A recent article by Splitsider extols the virtue of Stephen’s religious faith and examines its impact on the Report. At the end, the author Devin Klos reveals a personal interaction with Stephen that is quite touching.

The Colbert Report’s chief mission, much like The Daily Show’s, is to expose truths within our society’s machinations (and make us laugh, obviously). Each night, they attempt to pull the curtain back to reveal that the all powerful Oz is just a man with special effects and a megaphone. Whereas most comedians go with the easy joke that religion is BS, that God is another version of this Oz to control the masses, Colbert wants us to look harder and realize that it’s the message and not the megaphone that matters.

Many years ago, I worked as an intern at The Daily Show. It was among the happiest achievements of my young life to that point. I was more than a bit star-struck to be in a space among so many people I respected and admit to being tongue-tied and feeling unworthy in such company. One afternoon, Stephen Colbert came in to the office. His show was about to premiere so he hadn’t spent much time in our studio. As he walked past me at my cubicle, he stopped and said, “You’re a new face, what’s your name?” I didn’t know what to really say, so I replied, “Oh, I’m just an intern.”

Colbert looked at me a moment and then said: “Just an intern? Hey, look, everybody starts somewhere. I was just an understudy at one point, but that’s just a point in time. It’s not about where you are now, or even where you hope to go, it’s who you are that matters. I’m Stephen, who are you?” I introduced myself and we shook hands. “Don’t let your place in the world dictate who you are to anyone. We all have the same merit.” Then he was gone, but his words lingered.

Full article: Splitsider

Jan 11

CBS is Looking Forward to Viral Content from Stephen Colbert and James Corden

Speaking at International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, Les Moonves, the President and CEO of CBS, gave the first indication of what is to come from CBS’ new look late night line up. While discussing the increasing convergence of traditional media and online content, Moonves discussed his anticipation of a much more social media-savvy late night pairing with the incoming Stephen Colbert (‘Late Show’) and James Corden (‘Late Late Show’).

“We’re looking forward to our new late night group of guys, where we have Colbert and Corden coming on, who are, you know, much more user-friendly in social networking. That’s gonna make a huge difference to I think our ratings, and hopefully our advertising.”

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Jan 09

Stephen Colbert to Appear on ‘Inside Comedy’

Stephen Colbert with David Steinberg on Inside Comedy

Showtime has picked up interview series ‘Inside Comedy‘, from David Steinberg and Steve Carell, for a fourth season, for premiere later this year. Steinberg will continue as host of the six, half-hour episodes.

Stephen Colbert, Michael Keaton, Bryan Cranston, Dan Aykroyd, Wanda Sykes, Ted Danson and Emmy-nominated writer/comedian Carol Leifer are among those scheduled to appear on Season 4. Each episode offers viewers a look inside the career-defining moments, the influences and personal anecdotes of the world’s top entertainers, along with rare footage of some of their most memorable performances on the stage, television and film.

Source: Deadline.com

Jan 06

October 30th, 2014 – The Taping ReporT!

The Colbert Report taping report Hello, Hubsters,

On October 30th, I went to my final taping of The Colbert Report—a truly bittersweet occasion, as you can imagine. I’d thought about holding off till nearer the end, and wavered about going, but finally I decided I just wanted to make sure I got one more taping in and grabbed the ticket. I did not want to be frozen out!

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Jan 05

Six Degrees – December Catch Up

Six Degrees of Stephen Colbert Welcome to the ‘Six Degrees Catch Up Edition’ featuring all the latest happenings and goings on in the world of ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’ staff and ‘Friends of the Show’.

In this month’s catch up we have interviews with Amy Sedaris and Larry Wilmore, film news from Steve Carell, David Sedaris’ 2015 book tour schedule, a Christmas play from Peter Gwinn and Bobby Mort, and new literature from Dan McCoy, Elliott Kalan and Frank Lesser.

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Jan 04

The Media Reacts to the ‘Colbert Report’ Final

Stephen Colbert news On December 18th, The Colbert Report had it’s beautiful swan song. It was a hit among critics and fans alike. (I’m still humming “We’ll Meet Again.”) This epic episode will never be forgotten. The Colbert Report will go down in television history. Here is what the press had to say about the finale and the end of The Report era. Please express your opinions in the comment section. We love to hear from you!

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Jan 03

Eric Drysdale Featured on Writers’ Bloc Podcast with J.R. Havlan

Eric Drysdale

“Are people going to watch one guy talk for 22 minutes? As it turns out, if it’s Stephen Colbert, of course they are.”

Former Colbert Report writer Eric Drysdale shared this insight and other gems with former veteran Daily Show scribe J.R. Havlan for his podcast “Writers’ Bloc.” After teasing each other mercilessly for several minutes at the top, Eric discusses his early childhood fascination with comedy, inspired in part by listening to his Dad’s old 45s.

Eric is a familiar face to the Colbert Nation, having famously played Bobby the Stage Manager for several years. Previously, he was a writer on The Daily Show – you can check him out appearing in a few bits here and there early on. He is distinguished in having left the Daily Show to join Stephen on the then novel Colbert Report, and with the exception of a brief leave from April 2008 – October 2009, has been on the Colbert Report from start to finish. His departure was marked by Stephen eating Bobby the Stage Manager, even polishing off his ghost ribs for good measure.

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