September 2011

Tim PawlentySeptember 6 — Governor Tim Pawlenty
Michele Bachmann’s Natural Disaster Metaphor | The Word – Happy Endings | Cheating Death – Placebocisers and Vaxamalgam

Robin B WrightSeptember 7Robin Wright
This Weak in National Secowardty | Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Paraphrase | PARRY-with-an-A-GATE! – Day 26 – Update | Sign Off – Stephen Uses His iPad

Tom BrokawSeptember 8Tom Brokaw
Republican Presidential Debate Media Coverage | Rick Perry Presents | Barack Obama’s Jobs Speech

Al GoreSeptember 13Al Gore
CNN/ Tea Party Republican Debate | Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act | Paul Krugman | Ron Paul 2012

Diane Sawyer

September 12Diane Sawyer
Tea Party Face-Off Preview | Stephen Reports on an Old Fashioned Hero | Shopping Griefportunities

Michael Moore with FlagSeptember 14Michael Moore
Clipgate | Return to Sender | Return to Sender: Phil Rubio | Rick Parry’s HPV Vaccine Mandate

David CopperfieldSeptember 15David Copperfield
Take a Billion, Leave a Billion | The Other American Jobs Act | Jimmy Fallon & Stephen Reminisce | FEMA’s Waffle House Index | Sign Off – Stephen’s Magic Trick

Jeffrey KlugerSeptember 20 — Jeffrey Kluger
The 63rd Emmy Awards| Barack Obama Unveils the “Buffett Rule” | The Word – Death and Taxes | The Gayest Penetration

Daniel YerginSeptember 21 — Daniel Yergin
Coming Soon – Hour-Long Radiohead Special | Solutions to America’s Financial Worries – World War III | Wall Street Under Siege | Sign Off – Cigar

September 22  — Jeremy Ben-Ami
Defunct Satellite Hurtles Toward Earth | Tip/Wag – Marine Core & Department of Homeland Security Obama’s U.N. Gaffes and Rick Perry’s Support for Israel | Sign Off: The Beloved Dog Lives On

September 26Special Radiohead Extravaganza
Dr. Pepper Presents Stephen Colbert’s Rocktember with Radiohead | The Word: I think therefore I Brand | Global Warming: Thom Yorke and Ed O’Brien

September 28 — Ken Burns
George Clooney’s Villa Party | The Word – Labor Chains | Atone Phone – John Lithgow Calls

September 29 — Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban Dances | Colbert Super PAC – Ham Rove’s Comeback | Colbert Super PAC – Trevor Potter & Stephen’s Shell Corporation | Colbert Super PAC SHH! – The Donating Game