Feb 13

Americone Dream Celebrates its 8th Anniversary

Stephen Colbert Americone Dream

Can you believe it? Americone Dream is celebrating its 8th anniversary this month!! That’s right, eight whole years of vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces and caramel swirl goodness!!

And don’t worry, ‘The Colbert Report’ may have ended last December, but that doesn’t mean the Americone Dream has ended with it. In fact, in their celebration post, Ben & Jerry’s have confirmed that, ‘the Americone Dream will continue on … oh, let’s just say forever.’

So here’s to another eight and however many years more of freedom in your fridge!!

Dec 30

“The Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Fund” benefits Healing Improv

Americone Dream From the Healing Improv Facebook Page:

Yesterday Healing Improv received an unexpected surprise in the mail from “The Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Fund” of Coastal Community Foundation. It was a grant for $10K to further our mission of bringing Comedy Improv Grief Workshops to people struggling with grief. It was completely unexpected, and an amazing end of year surprise. If you would like to join Mr. Colbert in supporting Healing Improv and benefit from an end of year tax break, you can make a donation through Pay Pal here and they will match an additional 1% of all donations made through December 31st, 2014.

Stephen Colbert Gives Big Boost to Grand Rapids’ Healing Improv Group

A tiny nonprofit group that brings laughter to grieving people was stunned to receive a $10,000 grant Stephen Colbert, the satirist and comedian who created “The Colbert Report.”

“It came out of no place,” said Bart Sumner, an actor and writer who formed Healing Improv in 2012. When his wife called to tell him the news, he said, “I nearly drove off Ada Drive. It absolutely blew me away.”

Healing Improv runs comedy improv workshops that aim to relieve stress, provide emotional connections and laughter for people who are grieving. Sumner created the organization after his 10-year-old son, David, died in 2009. He realized that performing and teaching helped him survive that devastating loss.

“Laughter and tears are right next to each other in the emotional scale,” Sumner said.

The group operates on a small scale. The workshops are free. Sumner donates his time. It has raised about $4,000 in the past 18 months to cover some travel expenses and rental space.

The $10,000 grant makes a big difference for the group, Sumner said. It will help pay for advertising to reach more participants and more travel costs to partner with groups requesting workshops.

“This will really allow us to spread our net out and help people all over the place,” Sumner said.

Max Werner, a member of Colbert’s writing staff, is familiar with Healing Improv – and Sumner said he is the one who recommended the West Michigan group for the grant.

Full Article: Mlive.com

Feb 11

AmeriCone Dream Turns 7 and Transitions to Non-GMO

Americone Dream On Valentine’s Day 2007 a love of Romeo and Juliet proportions was unveiled in the United States. This love followed the quickest way to one’s heart: via the stomach. February 14, 2007 was the official launch date of Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream ice cream. The delicious creation has been one of the most popular offerings ever by Vermont’s progressive ice cream purveyor, Ben & Jerry’s.

To celebrate the anniversary, Ben & Jerry’s will spread some peace, love and ice cream in the Big Apple delivering free scoops of AmeriCone Dream including full pints to each of Colbert’s studio audiences during the week of the flavor anniversary.

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Aug 14

Bid on ‘The Colbert Report’ Interview Table in Support of Farm Aid.

Kenneth Goldsmith on The Colbert Report

Own a piece of ‘Own a Piece of Histor-Me’ by bidding on the interview table featured on ‘The Colbert Report’ from 2010 – 2013, which comes ‘complete with scratches that Stephen made himself! Includes a list of 450 names of people who sat at the table, notarizing it along with Stephen’s signature and photo. Brings a whole new meaning to “farm to table”!‘.

All profits from the winning bid will go towards Farm Aid, a non-profit organisation which aims to build a vibrant, family-farm centered system of agriculture in America, providing emergency relief, counseling, education and legal aid to farmers in crisis.

Bid Now: [eBay]

Jul 10

A Guide to Stephen Colbert’s Wrist Bling

Mahmoud Ahmedinejad in Newsweek

The eagle eyed Hubsters out there may have noticed that lately Stephen Colbert has been sporting some new wrist bling. After much speculation at their meaning(s) and origins(s), I thought it was high time to do a round-up post detailing the latest editions to Stephen’s beloved wrist.

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Jul 02

Stephen Colbert Lends Star Power to DonorsChoose.org

YouTube Preview Image

Gen Connect talks to CEO Charles Best about the impact of DonorsChoose, and how Stephen Colbert is one of the organizations most active cheerleaders, at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Stephen Colbert is, according to Best, one of their hardest working board members. In addition to giving every guest who appears on “The Colbert Report” a DonorsChoose gift card, Colbert “has probably done about ten different campaigns, promotions, stunts, that have driven millions of dollars to classroom projects on our site,” Best says. “Everything from a philanthropic presidential straw poll to an armed forces ‘smack down’ to see who could support more military children.”

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Jun 28

Stephen Colbert Invited a Girl Who Lost Her Dad to Cancer to ‘The Colbert Report’.

Stephen Colbert purple bracelet


reddit user katiecsaylor posted this touching photo of her younger sister with Stephen Colbert, taken before Wednesday night’s show. Having recently lost their father to cancer, katiecsaylor’s sister wrote Stephen a letter explaining that she and her father watched the show every night together before he passed away. In the letter, she also included one of the bracelets that she started marking to raise money for the American Cancer Society, which Stephen has worn every night for the past three months. At 11 years old, she was too young to be apart of the studio audience, but Stephen invited her to the show nonetheless, where she watched back stage. To make him feel better about losing his mother, she also gave Stephen a stuffed eagle, which he named after her and put on his desk.

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