Exclusive Interview with Sophia A. McClennen and Remy Maisel authors of “Is Satire Saving Our Nation: Mockery and American Politics?”


Is Satire Saving Our Nation First, I’d like to thank Sophia McClennen and Remy Maisel for taking the time to answer questions for us at The Hub. Their new book, ‘Is Satire Saving Our Nation: Mockery and American Politics?‘, argues that political satire is more than just fun: it’s a way of becoming an engaged and informed citizen — especially for Millennials. Obviously, both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show play a large role in McClennen/Maisel’s argument!

As a person who has always believed in the power of comedy to reach people, this is an argument I can fully endorse.

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Dec 19

Calling all Colbert Fans: We Want to Hear From You!

Stephen Colbert ListeningHello Hubsters! As we gear up for the final episode, we thought it behoovy to get introspective about our own personal experiences with The Colbert Report. One of the great joys for those of us on the Hub staff is hearing from our community, because without you all we could not celebrate the wonderfulness of the soon-to-expiring Joy Machine.

So this week, we are asking you to send in taping reporTs from any tapings you may have attended over the past nine years. Or, comment here and leave your thoughts about your favorite moments, why you become a fan, or what makes The Colbert Report special to you.

Taping reporTs should be sent to colbertnewshub@gmail.com. Thanks for participating!

Dec 18

Live Chat! ‘The Colbert Report’ Final Episode

Stephen Colbert with mobile phone

Can’t bear to watch the final episode of ‘The Colbert Report’ alone? Well don’t worry, neither can we. So why not come and join us for our special live chat on Thursday, December 18th. We’ll be getting settled in at around 11:15/10:15c, but feel free to stop by whenever you like!

A big thank you to everyone who joined our live chat tonight!! We had a fantastic turn out, and it was an absolute joy to watch the final episode together with all of you!!

Dec 06

Exclusive Interview with Sharilyn Johnson and Remy Maisel Authors of ‘Bears & Balls: The Colbert Report A-Z’

Bears & Balls: The Colbert Report A-Z Writers and self-proclaimed comedy nerds Sharilyn Johnson and Remy Maisel have teamed up to co-author ‘Bears & Balls: The Colbert Report A-Z’, an unofficial fan guide covering the past nine years of ‘The Colbert Report’.

The book serves as the ultimate viewer handbook, combining behind-the-insights and technical details into over two hundred encyclopedic entries, taking fans through some of the most memorable moments from the show, and uncovering some forgotten gems along the way.

Sharilyn Johnson is a veteran comedy journalist and founder of the popular comedy news site Third Beat Magazine which features comedy related news, events, reviews, and interviews. In addition to studying ‘Writing for The Colbert Report’ with Tom Purcell (Writer, Exec Producer) at the People’s Improv Theatre, Sharilyn has attended thirteen ‘Colbert Report’ tapings, and written and performed in her one women show ‘Fake News Fangirl’, ‘the completely true story of one women’s adventures in the world of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert fandom,’ which recently played at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

A current media studies undergraduate at Penn State University, Remy Maisel has extensive experience in the media industry, and aspires to work in the television and film industry in London. During her time as a student at Penn State University, Remy accepted the challenge issued by Stephen Colbert on March 29th, 2012 to college students to start their own collegiate chapter of his SuperPAC: Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow and founded Penn State SuperPAC: Penn Staters For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow to which she recruited over two hundred students, staff and faculty. Most recently, Remy has co-authored, “Is Satire Saving Our Nation?: Mockery and American Politics” with Penn State professor Sophia A. McClennen, in which they examine the critical potential for satire in America, and how satire exercises a remarkable influence on public opinion and its role in shaping a new verison of US democracy in post-9/11 society.

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Nov 06

Giveaway: Two Tickets to ‘Uptown Showdown: Family vs Friends’ featuring Opus Moreschi

Uptown Showdown

Colbert News Hub have partnered with the folks at Symphony Space to give away two tickets to see Colbert Report head writer Opus Moreschi at ‘Uptown Showdown: Family vs Friends’ on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 at 8:00PM at Leonard Nimoy Thalia.

To enter, simply tweet your answer to the following question to us @ColbertNewsHub and include the hashtag #CNHGiveaway

Question: What is Opus Moreschi’s real first name?

The winner will be announced on Twitter on Sunday, November 9th, 2014. Please be sure to check your Twitter accounts in case you are the lucky winner!

Sep 29

The Mystery of the Ever-Changing Glasses!

Over a year ago, The Colbert Nation was in the midst of one of the greatest mysteries of our time…the ominous appearance, disappearance and re-appearance of Stephen Colbert’s Band Aids. What did it all mean? The mystery remains unsolved, yet there has been no further sightings of any band aids. I guess this means we can move on. Nothing more to see here…

…or is there?

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Aug 23

Live! 66th Primetime Emmy Awards Post

Primetme Emmy Awards Come celebrate The Colbert Report‘s nominations for Outstanding Variety Series this Monday, August 25th in our LIVE CNH chat room! We’ll be getting settled in around 6pm EST but feel free to stop by whenever you like! The show starts at 8pm EST on NBC. Drop in during the ceremony to discuss TCR and all of your other favorite nominees!

Please RSVP to our [Facebook Event] or leave a comment below.

Emmys Backstage LIVE! will stream live, simultaneously alongside the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards telecast on Emmys.com, NBC.com and Yahoo.com.

Sep 22

Live! 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Post

Come celebrate The Colbert Report‘s nominations for Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Variety Series this Sunday, September 22nd in our LIVE CNH chat room! We’ll be getting settled in around 6pm EST but feel free to stop by whenever you like! The show starts at 8pm EST on CBS. Drop in during the ceremony to discuss TCR and all of your other favorite nominees! [Facebook event]

MORE EMMY INFO: The winners of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards were announced last weekend. [Full List]

E! will be livestreaming from the red carpet starting at 6pm EST.