Feb 07

Join the Hub’s Super Bowl Special Late Show Pool – Win a Prize!

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Live Super Bowl Episode 1, 28, 87, hut, hut, hike it on over to CBS on Sunday for the ‘Live Late Show Super Bowl Special’!

Hello Hubsters! The special ‘Live Super Bowl Episode’ is rapidly approaching! We here at the Hub wanted to commemorate this special event, so we have decided to do a Late Show Pool. Everyone knows that when it comes to the Super Bowl there is always a pool, whether it’s at work, or among friends, one and all can join in the pool to place their bets and predict what will happen in the Super Bowl.

We at the Hub decided to run a pool about the special Live Late Show. This is how it will work: the Hub staff has come up with many predictions for the show. For example, will Stephen wear a gold suit? Will Tina Fey and Stephen talk about “The Second City”? We have created a Hub pool, anyone who wants to join, can simply post their name, email, and up to ten prediction(s) in the comment section.

Oh, and did I mention there is a prize involved?, Yes! whoever gets the most predictions correct will win a ‘Late Show’ mug, courtesy of the Hub. The sign up sheet will be available soon, and will close at 10pm EST the day of the Super Bowl. So place your bets, and get ready to watch the show live on CBS directly after the Super Bowl this Sunday!

** Please note: You must be 18 years old or over to enter.

Name Prediction
Kirsten Jackson Stephen will wear a gold suit.
Kirsten Jackson, Erika Bade, Justine Marie Tina Fey and Stephen talk about The Second City.
Megyn Kelly and Stephen do a mock Trump interview/debate questions.
 Justine Marie Key and Peele talk about The Second City.
DeeCee Will Ferrell will be dressed as a cheerleader.
Amy Sedaris will make a guest appearance.
Katt, Erika Bade, Justine Marie NFL players show up as a surprise guest.
Stephen will fail miserably at some kind of sport maneuver.
Stephen does a touch down dance.
Paul Dinello appears.
Stephen says Jimmy three times.
Key and Peele do a “Football Names” sketch with Stephen.
Stephen wears a football jersey at some point.
Anastasia, Justine Marie A congratulatory graphic for the winning team is shown.
 Justine Marie Three clips from the Super Bowl are shown.
Anastasia, Erika Bade, Justine Marie Stephen talks about a Super Bowl commercial.
Anastasia Megyn Kelly mentions Stephen’s old character.
Tina Fey does her Sarah Palin impression.
Stephen does a “Hot Take” Super Bowl edition.
Anastasia, Justine Marie
The set will be decorated in a football theme.
Anastasia Jon Stewart shows up as a surprise guest.
Stephen holds one of the following animals: a dog, cat, chicken, or cockatoo.
Anastasia, Erika Bade, Justine Marie Will Ferrell and Stephen do a sketch together.
 Justine Marie The band plays the NFL theme song.
Sep 11

Site Update: And We’re Back …

Colbert News Hub Updates Well it’s been an interesting couple of days, hasn’t it?

Turns out that cursed amulet, genuinely is cursed. First, ‘The Late Show’ almost missed it’s own premiere, and then Hub goes down mid-way through the first show. Not the best of starts, but ‘The Late Show’ made it to air in spectacular fashion, and the Hub is back up and running, thanks to our web guru Wayne!!

In a nut shell, what happened was that we had such a spike in traffic once the show started, that our host had to temporarily limit access to our site, so as not to cause problems for other websites that share our server.

Thankfully, everything is back up and running now. My apologies that we weren’t able to blog about the new show as soon as we would have liked to, but rest assured the Hub Staff have been hard at work behind-the-scenes, while I worked with Wayne to get the site back up and running.

May 14

It’s Stephen Colbert’s Birthday – Let’s Celebrate with DonorsChoose!

Stephen Colberts Birthday

It’s that time of year again! Every May the flowers bloom, the temperatures warm, and on May 13th the Colbert fandom celebrates Stephen Colbert’s birthday. As was done in the past, we have once again decided to give the TV Host with the Most one thing he might actually want: projects funded through one of his signature charities, Donorschoose. Stephen’s recent $800,000 donation generated a lot of media attention and also led to an upsurge in donations to the charity.

So we thought it behoovy to reactivate our Colbert News Hub Giving Page. We are highlighting three New Jersey area projects in need of funding. Won’t you consider donating to one of these three as a way to wish Stephen a happy birthday, and help out children in his home-away-from-home state? Here are our picks:

Colbert News Hub will get the ball rolling by making a $50 donation.

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May 08

Giveaway: Two Double Passes to ‘Uptown Showdown: The Internet vs. Real Life’ featuring Jordan Carlos

Uptown Showdown

Colbert News Hub have partnered with the folks at Symphony Space to give away two double passes to see comedian Jordan Carlos at ‘Uptown Showdown: The Internet vs. Real Life’ featuring Caroline Rhea (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch), Guy Branum (Chelsea Lately, Host of Pop Rock), Seth Lind (This American Life; Thank You, Robot), Alex Heller and Carolyn Castiglia on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 8:00PM at Leonard Nimoy Thalia.

To enter, simply tweet your answer to the following question to us @ColbertNewsHub and include the hashtag #CNHGiveaway

Question: Which re-occurring character did Jordan Carlos play on ‘The Colbert Report’?

The winner will be announced on Twitter on Monday, May 11th, 2015. Please be sure to check your Twitter accounts in case you are the lucky winner!

Mar 22

Exclusive Interview with Sophia A. McClennen and Remy Maisel authors of “Is Satire Saving Our Nation: Mockery and American Politics?”

Is Satire Saving Our Nation First, I’d like to thank Sophia McClennen and Remy Maisel for taking the time to answer questions for us at The Hub. Their new book, ‘Is Satire Saving Our Nation: Mockery and American Politics?‘, argues that political satire is more than just fun: it’s a way of becoming an engaged and informed citizen — especially for Millennials. Obviously, both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show play a large role in McClennen/Maisel’s argument!

As a person who has always believed in the power of comedy to reach people, this is an argument I can fully endorse.

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Jan 24

Colbert News Hub Receives a ‘Shorty Award’ Nomination

Colbert News Hub Shorty Award Nomination The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and the rest of the social web.

To nominate ‘Colbert News Hub’ simply follow the instructions on this page [link] and select the category of ‘Fansite’.

You can also nominate Stephen Colbert:

To nominate Stephen Colbert simply follow the instructions on this page [Link] and select the category of ‘Celebrity’.

Please be sure to add a note after ‘because …’ to make your vote count!!

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