Sep 16

Vanity Fair Video Outtakes – NSFW!

Before the hilarity ensues (trust me, it will), turn the speakers down a bit due to content!  😉

First, the late-night gang gets together to offer Stephen advice for getting comfortable with his new gig at The Late Show, as well as a few of the guys offering some additional “secondary” advice that is presented before him as well.

In this clip, Conan has some very unique advice for him, as he tries to set him up with an interest in acquiring plots of land and real estate in an up and coming area, other than Florida. Ha!

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Sep 16

Vanity Fair Magazine Introduces us to ‘The New Faces of Late-Night Television’

In a brilliant article from Vanity Fair magazine’s October issue entitled ‘Why Late-Night Television is Better than Ever’, we get to see what we sometimes secretly crave and want the most – late night talk show hosts genuinely having a great time around one another.  Long gone are the days of the supposed ‘late-night wars’ (or at least we are led to believe the rivalries are non-existent thus far) and through many recent late-night-host transitions, we are seeing more of a comfortable camaraderie amongst the newest scene of night-time legends in the making.

The Men of Late Night in Vanity Fair

Photograph by Sam Jones.

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Sep 14

Stephen Colbert Discusses Faith and Comedy on ‘Witness’

“What does anybody want? Not to be alone. I think a performer gets on stage and says the things that are in his mind in his own particular way, to make a connection with the audience so he doesn’t feel so alone. And hopefully the audience feels the same way.”

Gems like the above quote resulted from a wonderful, insightful interview on the program “Witness” with a then-Colbearded Stephen and Fr. Thomas Rosica of the Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation. The interview, which occurred in April of this year, offers a deeper understanding into how Stephen juggles his work as a satirist/comedian with his Catholic faith.

After the jump I highlight a few great quotes from the exchange. Enjoy the vid!

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Sep 07

Stephen Colbert’s ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Interview

Former Daily Show colleague Mo Rocca sat down with Stephen ahead of Tuesday’s premiere at Donor’s Choose headquarters to discuss wide-ranging topics, from the new Late Show guest protocol, to the unfortunate tragedy that afflicted his family, to learning how to conquer feelings of embarrassment. Stephen’s ease with his friend Mo is evident, and also makes for a better interview. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

On the show’s site, you can see a few extra clips where Stephen discusses his lovely wife Evie, and be treated to a little singing from one of Stephen’s favorite musicals, Sunday in the Park with George. Love Stephen and Mo together! They make a great combo. I hope Mo brings his bowtie to the Late Show sometime.

Sep 04

‘Stephen Colbert, the Late Night Hope’ – The New York Times

Stephen Colberts office at the Ed Sullivan Theater

Stephen Colbert outside the window of his office, which overlooks Broadway and his new marquee at the Ed Sullivan Theater. (Credit: Damon Winter | The New York Times)

Online news sources were buzzing earlier today with a new article from the New York Times featuring Mr. Wonderful entitled ‘Stephen Colbert, the Late Night Hope’. The article touches base on many of the topics we have already read recently through other sources and media outlets, though provides some additional eye-candy with exterior and interior views of the newly renovated Ed Sullivan Theatre in which haven’t been seen before now. And what we imagined is true, “she’s a beaut, Clark!”

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Aug 29

Stephen Colbert Featured on the Cover of TIME Magazine

In further cover story feature news, TIME Magazine recently had the privilege of photographing and discussing with Stephen Colbert his actual identity as himself, no-[character]-holds-barred.

“If anyone can put the edge back in late night, it’s him.”

Stephen Colbert TIME Magazine

But, as most people are still wondering, who exactly is he? So many of us are accustomed to his blowhard, ultra-alter-ego, Stephen Colbert character; and even for long time fans of his other notable works over the years, there’s somewhat still a level of curiosity to his true identity, as a character persona of some form always followed suit throughout his previous work.

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Aug 22

Stephen Colbert: The Howard Stern Interview

I guess this is kind of like an “interview reporT”. Since this interview is not widely available, some of you may not be able to hear it, so since I am sort of the resident Stern fan, I get to listen to it over and over, but I swear it’s only to make sure you all can get more out of it. 😀

I have been listening to Howard on and off since 2000. I’ve been a Stephen fan since 2009 and I’ve been waiting that long, hoping to see, or rather hear Stephen as a guest on Howard’s show. Stephen has never been on the show before this week. Jon Stewart, Conan O’Brien, Steve Carell, even John Oliver have all appeared before. It’s been perplexing to me as to why Stephen had never been on before now. I’ve often wondered if Howard didn’t like him or if Stephen didn’t want to come on due to Howard’s nature. I still don’t know the answer, but that doesn’t matter so much now. Howard does like Stephen and if Stephen ever had reservations, I guess he got over them.

Stephen was interviewed for an hour and a half and that’s with no commercial breaks. That’s about the maximum time a guest has ever been interviewed. It’s usually about an hour, so I was happy to get the max.

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Aug 20

The Re-Introduction to Stephen Colbert – GQ Article Video Excerpt

The video outtake provides a behind-the-scenes scoop on the NYC based GQ Magazine photoshoot from start to finish, bonding with his cute four-legged shopping pal, designer suits, doughnuts and scaffolding, natural smiles and little teeth, along with lingering curiosity of where to find the most amazing hair paste in the world.