Nov 11

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Get a Salmon to the Face on ‘Last Week Tonight’

On the Season 1 finale of “Last Week Tonight” John Oliver covered a news story about a company which has constructed a “salmon cannon” to fire salmon over a damn wall to help them on their way up stream to spawn.

Naturally John and the crew constructed their very own “salmon cannon”, but instead of firing the ‘stupid fish that doesn’t know how rivers work’ up stream, he fired salmon into the face of just about every television personality he knows, from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, David Letterman, Wanda Sykes, Tom Hanks and even poor old Homer Simpson and R2D2 took walloping.

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Oct 29

@midnight to Get a Visit from Stephen Colbert?

On last night’s episode of @midnight host Chris Hardwick announced that the show will be in New York Monday November 3rd – Wednesday November 5th, 2014 as part of the New York Comedy Festival, and noted that, “Maybe we will get a little visit from Mr. Stephen Colbert.”

No further details were given, but you can join the waiting list for tickets to be notified of any additional ticket releases.

Update: Comedy Central Press have confirmed that Stephen Colbert will make a special appearance on the show.

Oct 24

‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ to Premiere on CBS March 9th, 2015

It’s still a mystery as to when David Letterman will pass the Late Show torch to Stephen Colbert, but CBS has solidified plans for its other late-night transition.

The network announced today that “The Late Late Show With James Corden” will bow Monday, March 9, 2015, taping at the CBS Television City lot in Los Angeles. Additionally, the series has set producer, director and writer Ben Winston as showrunner.

“We’re excited to begin CBS’s next chapter after midnight and introduce James’ wide range of performance talents and fearless creative instincts to American television viewers,” said CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler. “He and Ben have been friends for a long time and partnered together on a variety of successful projects. They are a creatively dynamic and very energetic host/producer combination.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

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Oct 20

Stephen Colbert and the Angry Inch

How tall is Stephen Colbert

On Wednesday night’s episode of “The Colbert Report”, Stephen Colbert devoted a segment of “Who’s Attacking Me Now?” to the search engine giant Google, who have robbed him of a precious inch of height.

“You see folks, when I Googled myself this afternoon, as I do every day at 3 sharp … I was horrified to learn that the Google celebrity profile of me lists my height as 5’10″. 5’10″? What is that measured in? Hectares? Because it sure isn’t feet and inches, Google. I’m 5’11″!”

Colbert went on to personally address the chief executive of Google, Larry Page, because in image-conscious Hollywood an extra inch means everything. “All I want is the height I deserve. And I fought for every inch, and no one, but no one, is taking that away from me. Especially not Larry Page, who according to Google, is 5’11”. [The New York Times]

Well it seems that the good humoured powers that be at Google were watching the show on Wednesday night. If you search, “How tall is Stephen Colbert” on Google, you will receive the following answer “5′ 10.5″ (1.79m -ish)”. And as seen in the image above, Google couldn’t help getting a jab in at tiny fake newsman Jon Stewart, who is listed as “Shorter”.

But it doesn’t end there folks …

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Oct 05

Colbert ‘Steals’ Lincoln Bust from GOP Congressman’s Office [Update]

Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello with Lincoln Bust
Over on Capitol Hill, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert taped a segment for his show Friday wherein he’s seen stealing a bust of Abraham Lincoln from a congressman’s office before escaping in a roll-away garbage bin.

A source who was there for the filming tells Mediaite the congressman who has his bust stolen is Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.). Colbert is aided in the skit by outgoing Congressman Jack Kingston.


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Sep 24

Better Know a ‘Late Show’ Succession [Update]

Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

Overwhelmed by the explosion of news reports, interviews and articles that have swept across the media since CBS announced that Stephen Colbert would succeed David Letterman as host of ‘The Late Show’? Well don’t worry, Colbert News Hub has you covered. We’ve done our best to compile all the breaking news and information surrounding the newest late night shuffle up. As more news and information becomes available over the coming days and months, we will continue to update this post with the latest developments.

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Sep 13

In The Press – September Edition

Stephen Colbert newsWhen news stories fall through the cracks, we here at Colbert News Hub find them for a post we call, In The Press.

Now that the kids are back in school hopefully y’all have time to catch up on the latest involving our hero and his colleagues. In this edition, more late night news, Howard Kurtz is back, Jon Stewart’s film and Stephen gets blowback from his Emmy Acceptance Speech.

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