Sep 22

Live! 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Post

Come celebrate The Colbert Report‘s nominations for Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Variety Series this Sunday, September 22nd in our LIVE CNH chat room! We’ll be getting settled in around 6pm EST but feel free to stop by whenever you like! The show starts at 8pm EST on CBS. Drop in during the ceremony to discuss TCR and all of your other favorite nominees! [Facebook event]

MORE EMMY INFO: The winners of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards were announced last weekend. [Full List]

E! will be livestreaming from the red carpet starting at 6pm EST.

Sep 30

Americone Dream – Election Edition

americone2012I scream, you scream, we all scream for . . . a repeal of Citizens United?

An Election 2012 edition of Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream is hitting supermarket shelves this week as part of Ben & Jerry’s “Get The Dough out of Politics” campaign. Vermont’s Finest — a self-proclaimed “activist company” — is fed up with the 2010 Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to freely contribute money to elections. Working with Colbert Report star Stephen Colbert, who was first honored with the company’s Americone Dream flavor in 2007 (and who has his own Super PAC), the ice cream makers hope to inspire dessert lovers to speak out against special interests’ undue influence over the American political process.

The TIME article also includes a look at an early sketch of the special-edition carton for the ice cream, with edits by Stephen.

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Sep 30

Stephen Colbert’s Thoughts on “America Again”

Stephen Colbert has written a short article for GQ about his new book (America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t), titled The Third-Most Important Book of the Century.

Imagine if Faulkner, Hemingway, and Fitzgerald teamed up to write the Greatest American Book. Now imagine that didn’t happen and instead Stephen Colbert wrote one. Because that’s what happened.

I believe it was Tolstoy who once said, “First Stephen Colbert wrote a book. Then he wrote a second book. Now a third? Is there any number of books Stephen Colbert can’t write?”

America Again is a work of stunning clarity and bold vision, and it contains some of the greatest hyperbole ever written in the history of mankind. Also, it has pictures. And page numbers, many of them in chronological order!

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Sep 26

September 25, 2012 — Claressa Shields

The Colbert Report Episode Guide EPISODE NUMBER: 8153 (September 25, 2012)
GUEST: Claressa Shields
SEGMENTS: Mitt Romney’s Airplane Window Gaffe | National Journal Poll | “Rolling Calamity” Campaign | Sport Report – NFL Referee Lockout – Replacement Refs & Ratings | Sign Off – “America Again”
SUIT REPORT: Black striped suit | White shirt | Blue striped tie
VIDEOS: Tuesday, September 25, 2012


“Tonight! The polls are not favoring Mitt Romney. Great, first the British, now he’s in trouble with Polish people. Then, outrage in the NFL. Though after a few more concussions, who will remember? And my guest Claressa Shields is the first woman to win gold in Olympic boxing. I will float like a butterfly and ask questions also like a butterfly.”

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Sep 25

Stephen Colbert Celebrates National Voter Registration Day.

Stephen Colbert National Voter Registration Day

Today is the first ever National Voter Registration Day! If you or someone you know is not registered to vote, what are you waiting for?

You can also check out the list of participating comedians.

If you’re already registered to vote and want to help the cause, simply post a Tweet using the official hashtag #925NVRD.

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