Feb 08

A Look Back: 2010 Vancouver Olympics

The Sochi Olympics have kicked off, and needless to say, they’ve been kind of a debacle. From the weeks-long media focus on Putin’s strong disregard for and legislative push against the LGBT community, to Pussy-Rioting, to international yogurt intrigue, to facilities and hotels with less-than-adequate accommodations, it’s been a rough go for Russia, and undoubtedly the athletes as well.

The Winter Games’ previous host, Vancouver, was a far more benign, if almost snow-less, venue. Thanks to the Colbert Nation raising $200,000 for the U.S. speed skating team, our fearless host found himself on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and hosting a week of shows for the Games. Let’s take a fond look back at the Winter Olympics that were (with functioning toilets.)

© Sports Illustrated

© Sports Illustrated

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Feb 04

February 3, 2014 – Jennifer Senior

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 10057 (February 3, 2014)
GUEST: Jennifer Senior
SEGMENTS: Coca-Cola’s Diverse “America the Beautiful” Ad | Tip/Wag – Litigious Cheerleaders, Pope Francis & China | J.K. Rowling’s Ron and Hermione Bombshell | Jennifer Senior | Sign Off – Goodnight
SUIT REPORT: Navy Suit | White Shirt | Purple Patterned Tie
VIDEOS: Monday, February 3, 2014

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Feb 03

Stephen Colbert’s Wonderful Pistachios Commercials (Parts 1 and 2)

Well, Superbowl time is here, Hubsters, and so are Stephen’s commercials. They are pretty clever! If you can count all the pistachios in Stephen’s “library,” you could win $100,000. That ought to get people paying attention (and counting). Enjoy, and good luck! Here are parts 1 and 2 together:


You can participate in the contest at CountOurNuts.com.

Jan 31

January 30, 2014 — Drew Brees

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 10056 (January 30, 2014)
GUEST: Drew Brees
SEGMENTS: Superb Owl XLVIII – Football Health Concerns | Superb Owl XLVIII – Football Health Concerns – Steve Fainaru & Mark Fainaru-Wada | Big Game Debate with Ed Murray and Michael Hancock | Drew Brees | Sign Off – Football Toss
SUIT REPORT: Dark Suit | Light Grey Shirt | Light Blue Patterned Tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Jan 28

January 27, 2014 – Nate Silver

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 10053 (January 27, 2014)
GUEST: Nate Silver
SEGMENTS: Logo Restrictions for the Super Bowl | Richard Sherman’s Rant Fallout | Big Winners at the Grammy Awards | Nate Silver | Sign Off – Grammy Award
SUIT REPORT: Navy Pin-Striped Suit | White Shirt | Pale Gold Tie
VIDEOS: Monday, January 27, 2014


Grammy triumph and Superbowl anticipation were the themes for this great ep.

Grammy triumph and Superbowl anticipation were the themes for this great ep.

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Jan 27

Stephen Colbert Wins Grammy for ‘Best Spoken Word Album’

56th Grammy Awards LogoHe’s done it again! Stephen Colbert has won “Best Spoken Word Album,” edging out extremely worthy contenders Carol Burnett, David Sedaris, Billy Crystal, and 94-year-old folk singing legend Pete Seeger.

His award is listed as #54 on the Grammy website.

Congratulations, Stephen! Even if we were a little skeptical at first that such fierce competition could be beaten, you have proven us wrong. We are so proud of you!
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Jan 24

January 23, 2014 – Patricia Churchland

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 10052 (January 23, 2014)
GUEST: Patricia Churchland | Tim Wu
SEGMENTS: Riots in the Ukraine | End of Net Neutrality | End of Net Neutrality – Tim Wu | China’s Colbert Report Rip-Off | Patricia Churchland | Sign Off – Goodnight
SUIT REPORT: Dark Grey Suit | White Shirt | Red/Navy Stripped Tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stephen Colbert on Ukraine

Stephen shows his solidarity with his fellow Ukrainian Comrades in Collanders.

I was so hoping that Stephen would cover the Chinese rip-off story, and thankfully he did. Generally, his character hits hard against these “Who’s Riding my Coattails” kinds of stories, but he seemed pretty up for a trip to China, sagely noting that The Banquet is exposed to 400 million viewers. What do you think? Maybe Stephen should do a week of episodes from China? I think he deserves the budget for a nice, remote series of shows.
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Jan 14

January 13, 2014 – David Fanning

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 10045 (January 13, 2014)
GUEST: David Fanning
SEGMENTS: Intro – 1/13/14 | Water Crisis in West Virginia |
The Word – Never-Ender’s Game | Mirriad & Retroactive Product Placement | David Fanning | Sign Off – Back Scratch
SUIT REPORT: Gray Suit | White Shirt | Burgundy Tie
VIDEOS: Monday, January 13, 2014

Stephen Colbert with green liquid

Stephen brainstorms truly inventive product placement possibilities…including some that are NSFW. See after the jump.

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