Oct 05

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s” Game Changing Guest Booking Strategy

Since its premiere, The Late Show has raised eyebrows by booking an eclectic mixture of guests each night. Having CEOs on the show, for example, is particularly unusual. Fast Company caught up with Stephen’s longtime booker, Emily Lazar, for a glimpse into the guest-booking strategy for the new show:

“We are a long way from the era of the man in the gray flannel suit,” says Emily Lazar, co-executive producer and head of talent booking at The Late Show. “Many of the CEOs we’re going after for the show are changing the world, and at a very fast pace. Our audience is interested in knowing about the people who are harnessing technology to reorder the way we live.”

[…] As Lazar explains, what she’s looking for when booking guests like inventor and designer Dominic Wilcox—who appeared on last night’s show—is the broad description of anyone at the top of their respective games, and who possesses that catchall buzzword: “authenticity.”

“If you have ideas, or if you have interests, or you have a body of knowledge that is genuine, that you have committed your life to, we are infinitely interested in that,” Lazar says. “Because at the end of the day, Stephen has to talk to a person and that person has to represent their ideas and their beliefs and their motivation persuasively. We’re looking for authenticity like everyone else.”

Full Article: Fast Company.

It seems like elements of The Colbert Report are still having their impact on guest selection for The Late Show, in that thinkers, movers and shakers, and innovators are still finding their way to Stephen’s guest chair, in addition to the standard fare of Hollywood starlets. What do you Hubsters think of the guest roster so far? Is it staying true to Stephen’s sense of humor and intellectual curiosity, or too serious for The Late Show?

Oct 02

October 1, 2015 – John Kerry, Claire Danes, PewDiePie

Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: Season 1, Episode 18 (Thursday, October 1, 2015)
GUESTS: John Kerry | Claire Danes | PewDiePie
STAFF CAMEO(S): Tyler G Hall (as Marc Rubio Staffer)
SEGMENTS: Monologue | Won’t You Please Help Marco Rubio Staffers? | John Kerry | Claire Danes | PewDiePie | Soothing Industrial Frosting Sign-off
SUIT REPORT: Gray suit | White Shirt | Navy Tie

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Sep 25

September 24, 2015 – Andrew Sullivan, Maria Shriver, Jim Gaffigan, Thomas Wenski

Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: Season 1, Episode 13 (Thursday, September 24, 2015)
GUESTS: Andrew Sullivan | Maria Shriver | Jim Gaffigan | Thomas Wenski | YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus | Choir of St. Jean Baptiste
SEGMENTS: The Pope is Here! | His Holy Merchandise | Andrew Sullivan, Maria Shriver, Jim Gaffigan | Stephen Has a Special Message for the Pope | Thomas Wenski | Performance by YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus And St. John Baptiste Choir
SUIT REPORT: Blue Suit | White Shirt | Purple Tie

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Sep 21

Congratulations to ‘The Daily Show’ Who Have Won Three Primetime Emmy Awards!!

Emmy Awards nominations 2013 Congratulations to the staff of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart who have won the Primetime Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Writing For A Variety Series’, ‘Outstanding Directing for a Variety Series’, and ‘Outstanding Variety Series’.

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Sep 21

Joe Biden Supporters Are Feeling The Colbert Bump

Stephen’s masterful interview with Vice President Joe Biden has been one of the most underrated political moments of 2015. Biden, who has been weighing a potential presidential run, has shunned any media inquiries since the tragic passing of his son Beau earlier this year. Even close advisers have not been able to telegraph the Vice President’s true intentions.

Bearing all that in mind, when the Vice President appeared on the Late Show, Stephen gently but firmly prodded answers out of the still grief stricken Biden, while giving the VP a little space to remember his son. Stephen even used his own experiences with grief to comfort and cajole Biden, who at times would hesitate while speaking due to his emotions.

The interview has culminated in a surge of interest in a Draft Biden Super PAC that has been trying to recruit the Vice President into the presidential race. The surge further confirms that the old show’s “Colbert Bump” is still a force to be reckoned with, even in the new show’s less political format.

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Sep 19

Test Taping ReporT: September 3, 2015

The Colbert Report taping report This is my personal account of the final test taping ahead of the “Late Show” premiere on September 3, 2015. This is the “Stephen Takes Over Manhattan” Edition.

In my last taping reporT, I was leaving The Colbert Report studio for the last time. It felt like a wake, like a goodbye, like an ending. On September 3, 2015, I attended the last test show before The Late Show’s premiere, and of course, it was quite the opposite. I have read and remembered a lot that has been written about Stephen in nascent stages of his career and of course the launch of The Colbert Report, but this was my first opportunity to actually witness the beginning of a new Colbert project. It was not easy for me to make it to New York (again), but that I did to merely be present for what proved to be a very joyful time.
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Sep 14

Stephen Colbert’s Newest Wrist Bling? “Black Lives Matter”

Eagle-eyed Hubsters may have noticed a curious new black wristband on our fearless host on Friday’s broadcast. It may have also harkened memories of the Old Show, where the Wristrong bracelet was a wardrobe staple.

Here’s the backstory, provided by audience member and Black Lives Matter activist Patrick Waldo:

The man did not hide it! Thank you @colbertlateshow for your not so subtle support of #BlackLivesMatter

A photo posted by Patrick Waldo (@moustachemannyc) on

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Sep 14

Stephen Colbert Discusses Faith and Comedy on ‘Witness’

“What does anybody want? Not to be alone. I think a performer gets on stage and says the things that are in his mind in his own particular way, to make a connection with the audience so he doesn’t feel so alone. And hopefully the audience feels the same way.”

Gems like the above quote resulted from a wonderful, insightful interview on the program “Witness” with a then-Colbearded Stephen and Fr. Thomas Rosica of the Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation. The interview, which occurred in April of this year, offers a deeper understanding into how Stephen juggles his work as a satirist/comedian with his Catholic faith.

After the jump I highlight a few great quotes from the exchange. Enjoy the vid!

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