Dec 19

Calling all Colbert Fans: We Want to Hear From You!

Stephen Colbert ListeningHello Hubsters! As we gear up for the final episode, we thought it behoovy to get introspective about our own personal experiences with The Colbert Report. One of the great joys for those of us on the Hub staff is hearing from our community, because without you all we could not celebrate the wonderfulness of the soon-to-expiring Joy Machine.

So this week, we are asking you to send in taping reporTs from any tapings you may have attended over the past nine years. Or, comment here and leave your thoughts about your favorite moments, why you become a fan, or what makes The Colbert Report special to you.

Taping reporTs should be sent to Thanks for participating!

Dec 17

December 16, 2014 — Kendrick Lamar

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 11038 (December 16, 2014)
GUESTS: Kendrick Lamar | Jason Bordoff
SEGMENTS: Jeb Bush’s Presidential Ambitions | Oil War – Jason Bordoff | Colbert Platinum – Holiday Gift Edition | Kendrick Lamar | Kendrick Lamar – “Untitled”
SUIT REPORT: Black suit | Blue shirt | Black tie w/ purple stripes
VIDEOS: Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The ColbDewars Repewars

Stephen hands the naming rights of his show to Dewars scotch, in a final act of sponsor-related shenanigans.

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Dec 11

December 10, 2014 — Sarah Koenig

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 11035 (December 10, 2014)
GUESTS: Sarah Koenig | Tom Blanton
SEGMENTS: CIA Torture Report | CIA Torture Report – Pundits Defend America | CIA Torture Report – Tom Blanton | Sarah Koenig | Sign Off – Headphones
SUIT REPORT: Navy Suit | Pale Blue Striped Shirt | Purple and Light Blue Striped Tie
VIDEOS: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stephen Colbert pointing

Listening to the roar of the Nation: “That’s what this country needs more of. That is the sound of freedom. That is the sound of America.”

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Dec 05

December 4, 2014 — Paul Farmer

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 11032 (December 4, 2014)
GUESTS: Paul Farmer
STAFF CAMEO: Matt Lapin | Paul Dinello
SEGMENTS: Barack Obama to Appear on The Report | Outrage Over Eric Garner Decision | Obama’s Bold and Beautiful Ambassador Pick | Paul Farmer | Sign Off – Grimmy
SUIT REPORT: Dark Suit | Light Blue Shirt | Navy/Maroon Stripped Tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, December 4, 2014

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Dec 02

December 1, 2014 — Senator John McCain

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 11029 (December 1, 2014)
GUESTS: Sen. John McCain
VOICE OVER: Gregory Hollimon
SEGMENTS: Intro – 12/1/14 | Lightsaber Controversy | Ferguson Fallout and the St. Louis Rams | Jihadis of the High Seas | John McCain | Sign Off – Goodnight
SUIT REPORT: Navy Suit | White Shirt | Maroon tie
VIDEOS: Monday, December 1, 2014

The Colbert Report Good to the Last Drop

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Nov 27

A Look Back: One Last TCR Thanksgiving for 2014

Colbert News Hub A Look Back Welcome to “A Look Back,” where we review and celebrate select clips from the overwhelmingly voluminous video catalog and the many splendid works of Stephen T. Colbert over the years.

Happy Thanksgiving, Hubsters! I hope our U.S. community members are having a great time with family and friends. I am preparing to deep-fry a turkey for the first time, so keep me in your thoughts/prayers. We may be ordering take out if all else fails.

Although I am doing my best domestic diva impression, thoughts of TCR and its impending finale loom heavily in my mind….how about you guys? I haz a sad, especially with the holidays upon us.

I thought it would be nice to review some great turkey-related moments from the Report before the show shuts down. We are going to feature Joseph Gobbles, the best TCR turkey ever to be had, and a pretty fierce segment about that weird time last year when Hannukah and Thanksgiving intersected. Review these great moments, and shout out your thoughts in the comments!

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Nov 18

November 17, 2014 — Senator Bernie Sanders

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 11025 (November 17, 2014)
GUESTS: Sen. Bernie Sanders
SEGMENTS: Bono’s Missing Luggage | Survival Tips from “Good Morning America” | Bernie Sanders | Sign Off – Goodnight
SUIT REPORT: Black suit | White shirt | Maroon tie
VIDEOS: Monday, November 17, 2014

Stephen Colbert with Puppies

catbushandludicrous | tumblr

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