May 19

Stephen Colbert Delivers the 2015 Wake Forest University Commencement Address

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Stephen Colbert, addressing the graduating class of Wake Forest University on this beautiful spring day, delighted the crowd with zingers about rival universities Duke and UNC, Wake Forest’s own curious campus traditions, and a few topical jokes for good measure.

In the core message of his speech, interestingly, he likened his own personal transition to The Late Show to the transition to careers the graduates are undertaking. It was a surprising and touching approach:

Stephen Colbert Tells Wake Forest Graduates: “It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Person We’ve Become

“I just spent many years learning how to do one thing really well. I got so comfortable with that place, that role, those responsibilities that it came to define how I saw myself. But now that part of my life is over. It’s time to say goodbye to the person we’ve become, we’ve worked so hard to perfect, and to make some crucial decisions in becoming who we’re going to be. For me, I’ll have to figure out how to do an hour-long show every night. You at some point will have to sleep. I’m told the Adderall wears off eventually. Good luck.”

Full Article: The Hollywood Reporter.

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May 14

Stephen Colbert Dazzles Advertisers During CBS Upfronts Presentation

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert logo

CBS unveils “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s” logo. | Image via @FrankPallotta

Stephen spent his birthday courting advertisers and heralding his new show. Not surprisingly, he made a great first impression.

Stephen Colbert Jokes About Finding Himself, Rips Rupert Murdoch at CBS Upfront

CBS brought out its biggest gun at the network’s upfront presentation at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall on Wednesday: Stephen Colbert, who’s poised to take over “The Late Show” after David Letterman retires.

The former “Colbert Report” host cracked up advertisers as he joked about ditching his conservative persona and going on a voyage of self-discovery.

In a video spoofing his transition, Colbert declared that he’s going to find himself, saying, “I leave but a boy, I return a myself.”

Unfortunately, Colbert’s trip was postponed when he discovered that there’s a “CSI: Cyber” now on the air.

In the video, a time-lapse viewing binge ensued, which eventually saw both Colbert and his Labrador retriever watching with him sporting Hassidic-length beards.

After transitioning from the video to the stage of Carnigie Hall in New York City, where the upfront presentation took place, Colbert continued to riff on his transition.

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May 14

It’s Stephen Colbert’s Birthday – Let’s Celebrate with DonorsChoose!

Stephen Colberts Birthday

It’s that time of year again! Every May the flowers bloom, the temperatures warm, and on May 13th the Colbert fandom celebrates Stephen Colbert’s birthday. As was done in the past, we have once again decided to give the TV Host with the Most one thing he might actually want: projects funded through one of his signature charities, Donorschoose. Stephen’s recent $800,000 donation generated a lot of media attention and also led to an upsurge in donations to the charity.

So we thought it behoovy to reactivate our Colbert News Hub Giving Page. We are highlighting three New Jersey area projects in need of funding. Won’t you consider donating to one of these three as a way to wish Stephen a happy birthday, and help out children in his home-away-from-home state? Here are our picks:

Colbert News Hub will get the ball rolling by making a $50 donation.

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May 07

A Look Back: “The Tumbleweeds”

Colbert News Hub A Look Back Welcome to “A Look Back,” where we review and celebrate the many splendid works of Stephen T. Colbert over the years.

The Second City has released a great video from 1992 featuring “The Trifecta” (Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, and Paul Dinello) showing off their famous tumbling skills in a sketch called “The Tumbleweeds.”

Of course, this piece was resurrected (and according to Stephen, promptly retired) on Amy’s July 2006 appearance on The Colbert Report.

Get ready for some serious spandex, and an impressive display of strength and flexibility from both Stephen and Paul. Also loved the piling of all the chairs on Amy. What a silly, wonderful, hilarious team they make. Enjoy the video!

May 04

Evelyn Colbert Promotes the Montclair Film Festival

Evelyn Colbert appeared on Fox-WNYW recently to promote the opening of this year’s Montclair Film Festival. As you may know, Evelyn has been very actively involved with MFF since its inception, and serves as Vice Chairman of the festival board. Here she chats it up along with the Tom Hall, the festival’s Executive Director. Inevitably, Stephen’s name comes up, and Mrs. C. shares her excitement about his upcoming gig on The Late Show:

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Apr 29

Jen Spyra Joins the ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Writing Staff

Jen Spyra Late Show Colbert

image courtesy

We here at the Hub have been excitedly scanning the web for news of writers (and, well, anyone) joining the staff The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and it’s nice to see some women getting the coveted spots. The newest hire is Jen Spyra, who is currently a senior writer and editorial video producer at The Onion.

According to her bio, she, like Stephen, is a Northwestern University alumna and is also a fellow improviser, having performed at iO L.A.and Chicago. She also indicates having standup comedy chops, which should come in handy. It’s great to see all these super smart improvisery people joining the staff! It makes a fan pumped up for the Colbert-related times to come.

Apr 16

5 Suggestions for the New ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ – A Fan’s Request

Stephen Colbert at Late Night Desk

Stephen Colbert fans are a sad, shiftless lot these days. With our fearless host away and gearing up for his new show, there is not much to do but eat Americone Dream and watch old TCR clips – if you can stand the heartache of it all. While suffering through this awkward in-between-networks phase, a fan becomes reflective. Changing shows is a big deal. How can those uniquely special aspects we loved about Stephen’s work on The Colbert Report transition to the new show? Is that even possible? Maybe. After the jump you’ll find my top five suggestions for a very “Colbert” style new Late Show.

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Mar 06

‘House of Cards’ Creator Shares Backstory on Recent Episode Featuring ‘The Colbert Report’

In case you were wondering how The Colbert Report appeared to live on in a recent episode of House of Cards months after TCR’s finale, show creator (an apparent Colbert Report fanboy) Beau Willimon explained how he got the two shows together:

‘House of Cards’ Creator Beau Willimon Dishes on Season 3’s Scandals and Surprises
By Marlow Stern

How did you swing The Colbert Report appearance in the premiere?

We simply asked! I’d had the pleasure of being on The Colbert Report and I think that Stephen is among the most talented people on the planet. We wanted to have an interesting way to get a sense of where the Underwood presidency was that wasn’t as obvious as simply a news anchor telling us, and we thought that would be more engaging, dramatic, and entertaining. I asked Stephen and thanked my lucky stars when he said yes. One of the things that we delighted in when we talked about it was that our fictional Colbert Report would exist beyond the real-life one. The Colbert Report never fully dies.

Full Interview: The Daily Beast.

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