‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ to Trial Summer Friday Format

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Producers at CBS’ “Late Show” will this week experiment with the program’s Friday broadcast by running a new opening and monologue, then using the rest of the hour to call attention to highlights and segments from earlier in the week. A spokeswoman for the program called the maneuver an “experiment” and suggested the show could well go back to running an entirely new broadcast on Friday if circumstances warranted, or if the news of the day was compelling enough to require additional material.

“Late Show” typically tapes two episodes on Thursday afternoons, giving Colbert and his staff a little breathing room on Fridays. The spokeswoman, Lauren Kamm, said the same audience was likely to watch both tapings.

Source: Variety.

  • Georgette

    That is an awesome idea!!!!!!

  • DeeCee

    I think it is a terrible idea for the following reasons:

    –Stephen Colbert has only recently started to gain momentum and take the overall the ratings lead. Now Fallow will have fresh shows on Friday and SC will be repeats after the first 15 minutes. That will cut into his small ratings lead over time.

    –Case in point — last night I turned off LSSC after the monologue (0nce SC said that the rest of the show was reruns) and watched the Tonight Show since I’d rather see fresh interviews (and trust me Fallon will be sure to get great guests every Friday) with Alec Baldwin and Julie Andrews as opposed to re-watching interviews I’ve seen earlier.

    — Colbert in my opinion has always been one of the hardest working men in the talk show gig since he started TCR which is something I admire. Now Fallon will be doing more shows. It won’t make me a Fallon fan, but it will likely give Fallon an at bat with me after the monologues on many

    I hope this is a short term summer thing. The hosts of these shows get paid such a huge amount (compared to us mere mortals) that I hope he goes back to doing 5 shows. I have no issue with taping two shows on Thursday as Letterman did for many many years.

  • richf2001

    I watched Friday’s show last night. It’s not worth it for me to tune in for a few minutes of dialog and watch repeats from the same week. I would rather them announce that Friday’s show will be old reruns like Cordon does. As much as I enjoy the show 5 days a week I also don’t want them to burn out.

  • Robin Riffenburgh

    Way too many reruns to make it worth staying up for. At least if you would identify reruns on program guides so we could plan sleep we might keep watching. As it is, our family quits being faithful tune ins. BYE BYE

  • Robin Riffenburgh

    Just have your show maybe 2x per wk but all NEW and we will all make it a point to schedule to watch.

  • Pam

    Actually, not knowing about it in advance, I felt cheated. May be ok for summer, but I hope it doesn’t become standard practice.