The Weather Channel Prepares for ‘Winter Storm Colbert’….Next Year

Fresh on the heels of Stephen’s gentle criticism of The Weather Channel’s penchant for naming winter storms, the folks at TWC responded in a surprising way: by bestowing upon Mr. Colbert the honor of being named for the third storm of next year’s winter season. Watch The Weather Channel make their announcement below:

As Stephen would say, the one thing this demonstrates is two things: first off, who knew The Weather Channel people had such a good sense of humor? Secondly, this shows that Stephen’s still got it going on in terms of being named after all manner of things. In the days of old, we fans took it for granted when space treadmills, spiders, and the like were becoming Colbert-ized.

My only hope is that Winter Storm Colbert is a mild storm that doesn’t generate too many negative headlines! On the other hand, if it creates a lot of snow and some snow days, Stephen will get the publicity and perhaps some appreciative students.