March 17, 2016 – William H. Macy, Melissa Rauch, Isaac Mizrahi

Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: Season 1, Episode 113 (Thursday, March 17, 2016)
GUESTS: William H. Macy | Melissa Rauch | Isaac Mizrahi
FEATURING: NYPD Emerald Society | Karl Scully
SEGMENTS: Entrance with Emerald Society | Monologue – Stephen Commissions A New Version of “Danny Boy” | Paul Can’t Fix Everything, John | Hungry For Power Games – Marco Say Ru-bye-O | William H. Macy | Melissa Rauch | Isaac Mizrahi
SUIT REPORT: Grey Suit | White Shirt | Black Striped Tie

Tonight, the Late Show welcomes actors William H. Macy and Melissa Rauch, plus fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi.

  • Gina

    It was such a treat to see William H Macy and hear Stephen mention Fillliam H Muffman and his role in Fargo as well. A great HFPG too! The audience loves it. Happy spring break everybody in the northern hemisphere! 😉

  • I loved the St. Patrick’s Day theme at the beginning. The bagpipe players were awesome and so was Stephen’s attempt at Irish dancing. “Danny Boy” is such a beautiful song, but quite a bummer! I enjoyed the new version!

    William H. Macy was a great guest. I’m so happy Stephen mentioned Filliam H. Muffman – the greatest celebrity couple name of all time. “Fargo” is one of my favorite movies and I loved that Macy talked about it!

    • Erika Bade

      “Fargo” is legendary where I come from, that, and “The Mighty Ducks” haha. The scene where Marge is interviewing those girls (“Go Bears”) in a bar? That’s like two minutes away from where I grew up. 🙂 We’ll never hear the end of it with those accents though…..YAH.

      • Oh yah?! That is so cool! “He was funny looking.” 🙂

        • Gina

          In a general kind of way. Funny looking. When is Steve Buscemi going to be on the show?

      • Gina

        That was one of the lighter scenes of an otherwise really intense film. Oh yah.

  • sharilyn_j

    Stephen must be relieved to have a week off after being so sick. Wonder if they’ll be in the office makin’ stuff next week, or if they’re all taking it easy.

    If you guys liked Melissa Rauch, she was wonderful on the Nerdist Podcast recently. A few repeat stories, but worth a listen.

  • Mrc

    Mp3 of Stephen singing Danny Boy, and a new version by Karl Scully.

  • K.V. Lady

    Oh, and I forgot to mention: I loved the intro with the bagpipes and Stephen’s version of Irish step dancing! It brought back memories of the time on the Report when he wore a kilt and played the bagpipes in solidarity with Scotland. Both those times made me giddy with laughter!