March 15, 2016 – Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, Shirley MacLaine, Gustavo Dudamel

Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: Season 1, Episode 111 (Tuesday, March 15, 2016)
GUESTS: Steve Martin | Edie Brickell | Shirley MacLaine | Gustavo Dudamel
SEGMENTS: Steve Martin Joins Stephen for a Song About Friendship | Stephen Offers to Mary the Bachelor | Life Hacked Vol. 3 | Steve Martin & Edie Brickell | Shirley MacLaine | A Performance by the Los Angeles Philharmonic – “Fanfare For The Common Man”
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Tuesday’s episode opened with Stephen pondering his thoughts on a fake forest set. Suddenly, legendary funny man, Steve Martin, appeared with a banjo in hand. Stephen wondered if this was a hallucination from the over consumption of cough medicine. (Get well soon!) Stephen and Steve sang a hilarious song about friendship. Stephen was sure that Martin was his best friend. I mean, they’ve met three times! But Martin had to break the sad news that Gary is actually his best friend. Martin explained, “Stephen, TV friends isn’t the same as real friends.” Stephen pleaded that Martin is his bestie. He’s got an autographed picture of Martin in his office.

Steve Martin in Stephen Colberts Office

Martin thought that was just sad! Stephen wanted to know what was so great about Gary? Martin sung a little ditty about his BF Gary, wishing that Stephen was Gary. The two couldn’t help but laugh over that! Stephen decided he was starting to really like this Gary person and joined in the song.

Over at the desk, Stephen discussed how Tinder was down yesterday for several hours.

  • This was huge. Some users lost all their matches and messages, which means they can never go back and relive that magical moment when Darrell from Long Island texted, “‘Sup?”

Don’t worry Tinder users. There is still a way to find true love: The Bachelor. Last night was the three hour long Bachelor finale. Bachelor Ben chose Lauren B., a flight attendant.

  • Oh, Lauren B! She’s so nice I bet she’d let you have the whole can of soda.

It was then time for volume 3 of “Life Hacked!” Here are some life hacks that are sure to help you out!

  • Hey, it’s an election year, but a lot of people still don’t know who they’re going to vote for. Here’s a great life hack: Just flip a coin. If it comes up heads vote for that person. You know they’ll do a good job, cause they’ve already been president.
  • Any single people out there cause Tinder’s down? Well, if you’re feeling said cause you’re having dinner alone, here’s a snappy solution: Just eat between two parallel mirrors. Now you’re having dinner with an infinite number of lonely people.
  • Hey, single gals! Are you afraid to tell your friend that you’ve secretly been in love with him for years? Just marry someone who kinda looks like him.

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen sat down with Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, who co-wrote the musical “Bright Star” now appearing on Broadway. This was such a fun interview, mostly because of the amazing Steve Martin. He is one of my comedy heroes and I adore his work. I like Brickell’s music and she has such a lovely laid back attitude, which is a great balance to Martin’s larger-than-life persona. Martin and Brickell met at a dinner party. Martin was the only one to offer Brickell garlic crackers. Now that’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Later, about five years ago they met again at a birthday party and started talking about music. Brickell asked Martin if he would like to write a song together, something that Martin had never done before. He was in! The inspiration for “Bright Star” came from a heartbreaking event that Brickell discovered. In 1906, a suitcase was thrown from the Iron Mountain Train with a baby inside. Luckily, the baby was raised by a kind family, but it was never clear why the baby was thrown from the train. Martin and Brickell gave us a little taste of their music with Brickell singing “Woo-woo, baby” as Martin played the banjo.

Shirley MacLaine on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Shirley MacLaine was quite a hoot, breaking Stephen’s balls several times! MacLaine was promoting her book, Above the Line: My “Wild Oats” Adventure, about her escapade on a not-so-organized movie set in the Canary Islands, which is believed to be the lost civilization of Atlantis. It was there that MacLaine discovered that she lived a past life on Atlantis. Stephen made MacLaine a cocktail that she was very found of during her time on the Canary Islands. Cheers! MacLaine’s reaction to the cocktail was hilarious. It was a bit too strong for her! But she continued drinking it and started feeling it. Stephen and MacLaine had so much fun drinking together! Stephen asked MacLaine if he was with her on Atlantis, to which MacLaine responded, “You were the one that made it sink, babe.”

Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The show wrapped up with a brief interview of the conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel. Stephen called Dudamel the “rock star of conductors.” The Philharmonic then gave a beautiful performance of Copland’s “Fanfare For The Common Man.”

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  • Mrc

    Stephen and Steve singing about Friendship and how great Gary is.

    • you are the best!

    • Gina

      Thanks Mrc! 🙂

  • Gina

    Stephen seemed to be feeling a little better last night, so yay. Steve Martin was so hilarious, and is so sweet with Edie Brickell, they seem they have a great friendship.

    Shirley MacLaine seemed to really like those cocktails 😉 they look good. I have never seen a late night talk show serve up so much food and drink. It kind of reminds me of like ’70s TV where people were smoking all the time.

    Well, we’ve only got 2 more new shows and then a week of repeats next week, so enjoy them while you can, Hubsters!

  • Mrc

    I originally wanted to use Mrc as handle, but that was already taken, so I used my Reddit username.

  • llama

    I’m not really a big fan of Shirley’s, so maybe I am a little biased, but I always try to like the guests, even when they seem to be….well, like she was in this interview. I found her to be annoying. I’ll never understand some guests and why they act that way toward Stephen. Was she trying to be funny? Does she just not like him? If so, why would you come on the show? I don’t know, I mean, it’s not that I think every guest has to be as adoring as Helen Mirren, but whatever Shirley was trying to accomplish, it fell flat. I don’t know, am I wrong?
    However, LOVED LOVED LOVED Steve Martin! Now I am wondering if there really is a Gary…