March 7, 2016 – Will Arnett, Charles Barkley, Max Greenfield

Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: Season 1, Episode 105 (Monday, March 7, 2016)
GUESTS: Will Arnett | Charles Barkley | Max Greenfield
SEGMENTS: Monologue – Petty Criminals, Rejoice! | The 2016 Race Learns What’s Below Rock Bottom | Will Arnett | The Late Show Blanket Fort (with Will Arnett) | Charles Barkley | Max Greenfield
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Stephen Colbert and Will Arnett Blanket Fort


At the top of the show, Stephen informs us that NYPD cops apparently will no longer arrest citizens for petty crimes anymore, such as littering, drinking and public urination, and will only issue summons/citations to those breaking the law. This idea sounds crazy considering St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, obviously.

This means one thing … Times Square is back, baby!

In other current events, Bob Dylan has announced his new album and summer tour in the works. Stephen adds hilariously that it could have been his coffee order he had been announcing, because it’s hard to tell what Dylan is saying half of the time.

The 2016 Race Learns What’s Below Rock Bottom

In light (or dark humor, if you will) of recent come backs between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, new lows have been reached for the insults, going so far as to make derogatory comments public regarding that of Trump’s penis measurements.

Stephen’s gracious graphics department give us a rundown of just how low the comments are on the scale, and rest assured, you can’t even get that low via limbo!

Interview — Will Arnett

Stephen sits down with actor-comedian Will Arnett, star of the new Netflix series entitled Flaked, where his character is basically a guy who is living in Venice (California), trying to get his life back together, though is not overly ambitious to do so.

Stephen: Are you a confident idiot? Is it type-casting or are you drawn to it?
Arnett: Confidence is […] this is an area you are accustomed to. You have a knack in the area.
Stephen: I love high-status idiot. But for me it’s like a confession.
Arnett: We cover different ends of the spectrum with ‘confident dumb guys’.

Next, they sit back and try to channel their inner adolescence, in hopes to return to that level of sweet innocence, and we see them engaging in a blanket fort, while eating Twinkies, Swiss Rolls and talk about everything they would have thought was true as children, which truly is reality while in the fort.

Interview — Charles Barkley

Stephen and Charles discuss his successes as well as his less-than-average golfing skills, as well as his upcoming contributions to March Madness for college/pro basketball teams in our nation.

Barkley: I’m glad you didn’t want me to do that [blanket fort] skit with you. I didn’t want to sleep with you.

*Side Note: Barkley also surprised us by announcing tonight’s show in the opening credits. Great job, Charles!

Interview — Max Greenfield

As soon as the crowd finished going crazy for Max (apparently he has quite the following, and we all know why), Stephen and he discussed his starring in the upcoming independent film ‘Hello, My name is Doris’, which Stephen gave high praise to as it’s also affiliated with the Montclair Film Festival.

Stephen: When you saw in the script and thought you had to make out with Sally Field (how did you feel)?
Greenfield: Those scenes are never comfortable. You just rehearse it and go through it.

In closing, we witnessed quite an impression of John Travolta as his character Robert Shapiro from American Crime Story.

Great show tonight! Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below.

  • Will Arnett was incredible from the interview to the blanket fort. He is hilarious! Stephen and Will had such amazing chemistry together. The whole thing was a pure joy to watch and I could not stop laughing! I’d love to see the two of them do more things together. Plus, it made me nostalgic for the days of blanket forts!

  • Gina

    “Why do adults drink alcohol, when it tastes so bad?”

    “They need to drink it, otherwise they don’t know how to laugh.”

    I haven’t seen people willingly consume twinkies since the mid-eighties.

    What a sweet episode! I agree with my Colb-colleague Katie (alliteration!) that Stephen and Will were terrific together, Will really went all in and set up the segment well too. It was definitely a tenderer side of Will. Blanket fort will be recurring fo’ sure.

    The others interviews entertaining too! Barkley is the first 90s-era basketball star he had on, so hope we see more of those greats. And I want the Warriors to win, because I like Steph Curry a lot, but I hope they get to play a round of golf either way. Stephen would be silly to pass that chance up!

    Also Max Greenfield. I am so out of touch, when I hear girls howling at the new young cute male stars I have no idea who they are. However, I checked and he is my age so I can still feel “shiny as a new dime?” His impression of Travolta was crazy good. I feel bad for Sally Field, that scene in the office WAS REAL.

    • “Colb-colleague.” I love that! I thought the same thing about Max Greenfield. I did not know who he was until I wrote his bio, but I still had no idea that he was such an idol. The ladies in the audience went crazy! I enjoyed his interview and his impression of Travolta as Robert Shapiro cracked me up! And yes – we are “shiny as a new dime.”

  • Debbie

    I laughed so hard for the whole Will Arnett bit, interview and blanket fort. I thought it was just the perfect amount of smart/silly.

    I feel like the show is settling properly and becoming consistently fun. It might also have something to do with only being on four times a week, like maybe they have more energy?