September 16, 2015: The Taping ReporT!

Taping Report - The Late Show Hello Hubsters!! Here is the Taping Report, from the show that I went to on September 16th, 2015. That was a little over a month ago, so here’s a quick recap of the guests for that night, Carol Burnett, Kevin Spacey, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp. It was a fantastic taping, with a ton of behind the scenes moments. So, without further ado, here is my Taping Report!

I arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theater at around 11am. I wanted to get there super early, because 1.) this was only the second week of shows and we weren’t really sure how the ticket process worked, and 2.) I wanted a front row seat. When I arrived I was fifth in line. The weather was really great that day, so I didn’t mind waiting as much. After about 3 hours of waiting, at 2:15 they started to check everyone in. Once we got our LSSC stamp and our tickets, we were told to come back at around 3:15. My friends and I decided to go grab some lunch at a diner in the area. After that we came back at 3:15, waited a little longer, and then we went through the security check. We were let into the waiting area inside the theater. We all gathered in a room, and a CBS usher gave us the instructions, and talked to us before we were let in. Then came time for us to be seated in the theater. I was directed to go right to the front row! I had the 4th seat to the left, right on the side of Stephen’s desk!

As I was waiting, I took in the view of the beautifully renovated theater! I had been there for a test taping in August, but I was still in such awe of how amazing it looked. The lights, the set, everything is just so shiny and new. This time around I also got a better view of a few things, like the stained glass windows, and the area by Stephen’s desk. After taking it all in, and after the whole audience was seated, Paul Mecurio came out. He got us all on our feet and doing the “Stephen!, Stephen!, Stephen!” chant. He warmed the crowd up, and joked around with us for a while. He then introduced Jon Batiste and Stay Human. Jon and the band came out and started, as Stephen would say, “ moovin’ and groovin’ ”. He got us all to clap, and sway to the beat. Jon and the band are great! They really get the crowd pumped, and their music and style is very unique. The band stopped playing, and Jon plopped on a seat by Stephen’s desk. He then said something along the lines of “ Hey Stephen, how are you doing today?”, and then Stephen ran out from behind the desk area and said “Hey Jon, I’m great, how are you?”, at this point we were all cheering and doing the “Stephen!” chant. Next something very strange happened. From my experience of going to tapings, I knew the Q&A was about to happen. I had my question ready, and was all set to raise my hand. But, Stephen had a change in plans that evening. To my surprise there was no Q&A. Stephen said “Have a good show, I’ll be back in a few minutes to start”, and with that he left the stage. I was surprised, and so was the rest of the audience. I thought maybe they were running short on time, and would do it at the end of the show. Shortly after this Mark got us all up on our feet, he waved the rolled up script just like at the old show, the band played, and Stephen ran out.

Stephen looked full of joy, and bouncy, and happy as ever. He greeted us and welcomed us to the show, and then something amazing happened. Stephen started by saying “I did something a little different tonight, that the audience might have recognized, which was I didn’t do a Q&A before the show.” I immediately looked at my friend after he said this, and we both knew what was about to happen. Stephen then explained that he does this before every show, but that the viewers at home never get to see this, and so he thought he would do it on air tonight. We all cheered and got super excited. An on air Q&A, this was awesome! People then started to ask questions (I’m sorry, I don’t remember them). Then finally an even more amazing moment happened, Carol Burnett was in the audience! Stephen and Carol did the whole bit, and Carol came on stage. One thing was cut from this part. One of Stephen’s writers was in the audience and asked, if Carol would do the famous Tarzan yell. Now, before Carol was about to do it, Stephen did his Tarzan yell. He was banging his fists on his chest, and yelling so loud, it was hilarious! After that Stephen and Carol went over to the desk, and did the interview, and Kevin Spacey came out to do his spot on Jimmy Stewart impression. That interview finished, and Carol and Kevin left the stage, as it was time for a commercial break. During the break Stephen kind of sang a song lowly to himself. We could all hear it, cause of the microphone, but he was singing softly. I don’t know which song it was, but he sounded great singing! He was really full of joy that night. It was only the second week of shows, and it was great to see him back doing what he loves after those 9 long months.

Next up was the desk segment. That night it was the spider ad that was up first. I was in tears laughing, during that part. Stephen was also heeled over at his desk cracking up. It is still one of my favorite segments the show has done so far! Next was the Kevin Spacey interview, which was filled with cursing, mostly on Kevin’s part, but Stephen gave in, and joined at the end. The interview ended, and it was time for another commercial break. Another behind the scenes moment happened here. As Jon, and the band played Stephen started dancing. He was slow dancing with the air. It was hilarious! He was dipping and twirling, and had such a serious face on while he was slow dancing. He then got a signal, that it was time to come back from the break. Stephen stopped his dancing, and headed back over to the desk. Next up was the “Pet Baby” app segment. While doing this, Stephen flubbed a whole line. He just started laughing into his desk. He then joked that maybe he spent too much time in Willie Nelson’s trailer, haha! He did the line a second time perfectly, and we all cheered.

After that it was time for the Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp interview. They cut a lot from this interview, because from what I remember at the taping, they were talking for quite a long time. The interview ended, and Willie and John had to get ready for the musical segment. Before leaving the stage Willie threw the hat he was wearing to us in the front row. I just missed catching it. They then went backstage to get ready to perform. As the crew was setting up, Paul Dinello and Opus Moreschi went over to talk to Stephen at the desk. Stephen got his makeup touched up, and headed over to stand in front of the camera with the album in his hand. As Willie and John were tuning up and getting ready, Stephen looked over at John Mellencamp, and said that his hair makes him look like a crazy sea captain. We all laughed, and Mellencamp had a serious face on, Stephen then said “Oh no, I mean it in a good way”. Then Mellencamp and Stephen both laughed. Stephen then looked at Willie, and said he looked like a homeless/retired Wendy’s girl, and Willie and Stephen started laughing some more. Willie and Mellencamp performed, and after that as Stephen was over there shaking their hands and talking to them, Willie put his hat on Stephen’s head. He let Stephen keep the hat, and then Stephen ran back over to the desk really quick to grab a sharpie, and he asked Willie to sign it for him. Willie signed it, and then he left the stage with Mellencamp. Stephen was walking back to the desk and blowing on the hat so the sharpie part would dry. He then sat down at the desk, and looked at us, and said “Hey, I’m still a fan too.” It was really sweet. Then as Stephen was about to close the sharpie, he of course had to sniff it!

Stephen then did the goodnight part, and came over to the front of the stage and started to dance with the band. We were all standing up and clapping along to the song. Jon then started to sing “I feel good, I feel free, I feel fine just being me”, and Stephen was also singing. Soon enough the whole audience was singing along with Jon and Stephen. It was truly a special moment. Stephen then took some more questions from the audience (I’m sorry, once again, I do not remember them.) Stephen then thanked us all for coming, and he left the stage.

As we were leaving Jon and the band were playing in the lobby. My friends and I stood around, and took pictures of them. We were standing like right by the drummer, Joe Saylor. Then after they finished playing, Joe Saylor came over to us and shook our hands, and thanked us for coming to the show. He was super nice!

With that we left the theater, and grabbed some milkshakes from place next door. It was a great day! I had an amazing time! If you have not gone to a taping yet, you definitely should, it’s such a joyous experience.

That was my LSSC taping experience! Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed it! Feel free to please leave us a comment down below! So long for now Nation!

  • DeeCee

    HOW WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with the rest of us.

  • enchiladaplate

    I’m going to a taping in November for the first time and I am super excited! I was wondering how early I should get in line, so thanks for the tips!

    • Gina

      Feel free to send us your taping reporT so we can post it on the Hub!

  • K.V. Lady

    I hope to attend a Late Show someday.

  • This is a fantastic Taping ReporT, Mel C! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

  • this is the best, thank you for sharing!

  • Gina

    You attended such a great taping! The universe must have known as a Hub staffer you were deserving of it.