Stephen Colbert, Man of Gold Suit Dancing

This week has been a little sleepy, what with Stephen and crew being off the air, so it was a bit of a jolt to discover the following video spotted by eagle-eyed Hubster, Claire. You may want to break out some sunglasses:

During the media blitz that preceded the Late Show’s premiere, we saw many promos, but only the hint of one featuring Stephen in this custom made gold suit by men’s haberdasher Saint Laurie. Hopefully, we can see the actual promo at some point, as we loved all the others. This gold suit deserves to be seen! If not the promo, perhaps Future Stephen of the old show with his silver suit can get his gold-suited counterpart to be a character on the new show? Just brainstorming here.

  • sharilyn_j

    Amazing! The promo was for the premiere of Thursday Night Football. Blink and you’ll miss him!

  • K.V. Lady

    Cue the sound of hundreds of fangirls screaming….

  • Gina

    That’s a pretty good Elvis, right?


  • Gina

    I am mostly just proud of myself that I used the word “haberdasher” in a post, and, I think, almost correctly.

    • You crack me up! Great usage! It made me think of the Maya sketch. David Razowsky: “I better get back to the haberdashery.” 🙂

      • Gina

        That’s my favorite line of that sketch! <3 Raz

  • Erika Bade

    He has always said that he has impressively larger hips, and now we know what they are good for. God I hope he wears that suit again someday (maybe Halloween? He’d make a fantastic Elvis). Oh to be his tailor……..

    • Jennifer (aka ColbertsLassNC)

      Shut your dirty little mouth! 😉

  • Jennifer (aka ColbertsLassNC)

    I’m so late to this – but yessss, football promo suit of liquid gold sexiness, yes pleaseeee.

    Love this. The week has been slow and this was a nice pick-me-up, as well as all of the old SWC episodes i’ve been randomly binge-watching for the millionth time. 😉