October 6, 2015 – Bill Clinton, Billy Eichner, Florence and the Machine

Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: Season 1, Episode 21 (Tuesday, October 6, 2015)
GUESTS: Bill Clinton | Billy Eichner | Florence and the Machine
SEGMENTS: Why, McDonald’s, WHY? | Stephen Colbert’s Pander Express | Bill Clinton | Vaping is So Hot Right Now | Bill Eichner | Florence and the Machine – “What Kind of Man”
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Stephen admits to being “rocked to the core” over learning the latest news on worldwide restaurant chain McDonald’s now serving breakfast all-day long.

“The Egg McMuffin will be available all day? You may as well tear up the history book and live in a cave – nothing matters anymore. Breakfast for dinner? Pancakes at dusk – someone needs counseling.”

With that being said, he vows to “deliver this show within an hour or less, or it’s free”.

Stephen Colbert on McDonald's all day breakfast

Stephen Colbert’s Pander Express

Stephen Colbert's Pander Express

Stephen admitted that he went to see the new Matt Damon hit, The Martian, over the weekend and loved it. He hilariously added that everyone saw the movie portraying ‘a stranded man eating his own poop potatoes’. The movie very well did 100 million in its opening weekend. About $2 million of the sales were from him buying popcorn and Junior Mints alone.

The movie was bound to do well in Chinese markets due to their presence in the film based on some of the filming locations. The Chinese space program ‘plays a major role in the film, a plot point in which should attract crowds in the People’s Republic.’ After the US/Canada (North America), China holds the next highest rankings in box office revenues.

“Nin hao, and welcome to Pander Express – my long running first attempt to suck up to the Chinese censors.”

In this hilarious segment, he brings up infamous tid-bits of Chinese culture in hopes to get some Chinese airtime. He later decides to feast on a delicatessen known as lamb face salad.

“Mmmm mmm mmm – that is face… it’s the meal that chews you back.”

In attempts to target the key demographic of Chinese millennials, he urges them to tweet him using the hashtag reference #Filialpietyisthechiefofallvirtues and promises to read them if Twitter is ever allowed in the country. He then gives congratulations to their space program who have “discovered a black hole so large, that is has challenged humanity’s understanding of how they form and yet it would still be easier to escape than America’s debt to China.”

He then indulges in ‘more tingly lamb face’, to which he begins to get strangled, and is saved by none other than a Chinese astronaut/doctor hybrid.

Interview — Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Kicking off the first interview of the evening, Stephen welcomes out former 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Upon coming out, Bill offered kind regards to Jon Batiste whom he had met and also when complimenting the studio set, said that ‘he bet even the Pope didn’t have his own stained glass windows.’

Clinton and Colbert discussed the Clinton Global Initiative, a meeting which was held to discuss refugee issues in Syria. Other topics centered around sustainability throughout our world – taking 100 million people out of poverty over the next ten years. Within reasonable measures, he wants to be sure that over those years additional provisions are distributed to the poor – including clean water, cooking stoves and proper sanitation. They went further into discussing about private public partnerships and their effectiveness in our society.

A big question for Bill for the evening was somewhat of the obvious – asking him who he was going to pull for in the upcoming 2016 election (stressing that he be impartial here if possible). He went further to add that the reason we tend to have gridlock in our political system is because the democratic vote is only strong for the presidential election versus the other votes within the house, senate, etc. which are imperative to also have in order to smoothly run a more democratic driven leadership government. He stressed that democrats have to vote more frequently than just during these elections ever four years.

He gave Stephen and the viewers some insight on Hillary’s ideas, as well as thoughts on Bernie Sanders and comments on his pleasant phone conversation with Donald Trump.

Vaping is So Hot Right Now

Huff the Rainbow

Stephen notes that there are a lot of skills necessary for his job, but perhaps the most important one is spotting trends. Another booming trend is that of the new way of smoking via electronic ‘vaping’. Studies estimate that a total of ten percent of American adults now use this method of tobacco consumption, and the market has already generated sales around the $6 billion dollar mark. He mentions that this trend could ‘lead to ads to everyone on TV – Skittles Vapes… Huff the Rainbow.’

The problem with this growing trend is what we don’t know about e-cigarettes and vaping, as far as long-term effects on our health. It could be cancer, or as Colbert thinks optimistically, could be laser vision!

Interview — Billy Eichner

Billy Eichner on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen sits down with the man who constantly makes people uncomfortable, Billy Eichner. He is known for his reality stunts and running throughout the city of Manhattan approaching people on a regular basis offering them cash for doing stunts, etc. Stephen asked him if he has ever been physically harmed by anyone he has approached, which he admitted to being slapped by an old lady during the show’s YouTube era.

Billy is known for making fun of celebrities, but the truth is he loves them and is obsessed with pop-culture. Stephen asks him if he would make fun of himself which he admits to often doing this. He says “you kind of have to, it’s like the old Joan Rivers rule – where you have to be self-deprecating, you have to make fun of yourself and then you can make fun of everyone.” Stephen asks him if he’s ever picked on him, and he says no, but on his other show ‘Difficult People’ on hulu, one of his writers said “Stephen Colbert is so smart he has to at least be Bi.”

Stephen: I cannot honestly say that I deserve that compliment, but I take it as such.
Billy: Maybe tonight’s the night, Stephen.
Stephen: You never know, life is full of surprises.

Musical Performance – Florence and the Machine “What Kind of Man”

Florence and the Machine on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


  • sharilyn_j

    Stephen was talking about being “publicly curious” leading up to the show starting, and I think this was exhibited beautifully at the start of the Billy Eichner interview. They share(d) that awkward job of making people uncomfortable for comedy, but I think a lot of other interviewers would shy away from discussing it at the risk of seeming too inside-baseball or too focused on their own experience. I’m so pleased that Stephen is asking the questions he WANTS to ask, instead of the ones he’s supposed to ask. That passionate curiosity is always going to make his interviews interesting, regardless of the subject.

    • Gina

      Especially when you look a the old show, he was very reliant on the cards at the interview table. Here, it has a more freewheeling feel, which is totally different. I do like that he asks what he cares about, but then, he is genetically opposed to being “fake” so I think he couldn’t be un-genuine if he wanted to, for reasons of expediency.

    • yes, I adore inside-baseball type stuff. loved that Stephen referenced TDS. that had to be difficult to go to a lot of those field pieces.

      • sharilyn_j

        For sure. I hated the early-day TDS field pieces. I assumed the correspondents had to be borderline sociopaths to enjoy doing that – not realizing that they didn’t entirely enjoy it. It was Stephen who set me straight, when I went to the TDS panel in Montreal in ’05. At a press conference that morning he talked about how he tried to find ways of making himself look like the idiot whenever possible, rather than make the other person look stupid. Knowing that he went into those assignments with empathy made them much easier for me to watch.

        • oh my gosh, i know! i used to feel so bad for them. and then found out that they only used one camera, so they had to ask all the questions twice.
          that was very generous of Stephen to approach it that way. thanks for sharing that –

    • Yes, Shariyn! I was trying to articulate how I felt about the Billy Eichner interview and you nailed it.

    • K.V. Lady

      Okay, I realize this is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Billy Eichner. If someone approached me that way when I was walking down a crowded street in NYC; I would feel startled and find it invasive. I realize that the comedy comes in seeing people’s uncomfortable reactions, but I don’t think it’s funny to make random strangers uncomfortable for no reason. New Yorkers in particular have reason to always be on guard, what with all the pimps and drug dealers on the streets. To me, making random strangers in New York uncomfortable so you can laugh at them is akin to the behavior of middle school bullies.
      The interviews on TDS weren’t the same thing in my opinion, because the interviewees had agreed to meet with the correspondents and be taped; so it’s not like they were being approached out of nowhere without their permission.
      Yes, I am totally anticipating a string of “oh, don’t be so sensitive” and “where’s your sense of humor?” comments. However, I just felt the need to get my thoughts out.

      • Gina

        I hear you, and I am not judging you for your opinion, but people in New York strike me as being so used to seeing every random kind of person, other than being just physically jolted I doubt they care very much. A lot of the people he interacts with are more startled than annoyed, and he’s developed quite a following, so he has fans. It certainly shouldn’t be attempted by every comic, but he pulls it off, somehow.

        • K.V. Lady

          See, that’s the thing. I absolutely HATE being startled. It’s a physical sensation that I find very unpleasant. Startling a person sends their body into the fight or flight response, often unnecessarily. I also feel very uncomfortable when someone gets in my personal space, and that’s exactly what Eichner is doing. He is mocking people for a biological reflex to a situation that he caused; much like the pranksters in Sharilyn’s comment below.

      • sharilyn_j

        If it helps, Billy on the Street participants have to sign waivers after.

        I don’t think you and I have experienced the same New York City, but I do understand your point of view on comedy like this. “Prank” shows are the worst thing to me – they prey on people’s trust, and then mock them for having perfectly reasonable human responses to distress. Distress that they purposely caused for a person. I will never understand it.

        • K.V. Lady

          Well, I haven’t lived in the NYC metro area for nearly a decade and a half, so perhaps it’s a safer place now, or perhaps he sticks to the safer parts of the city.
          Still, even if I were walking down the street in the safest town in the world where there hasn’t been a crime since Nixon was President, I still would have major issues with a random person coming up to me and sticking a microphone in my face without permission. See my comment above to Gina.
          I agree with you on the pranksters. It absolutely is a form of bullying.

      • Karenatasha

        Uhhh–all the pimps and drug dealers on the streets? Where are you walking in NYC? It’s been Disneyfied!

        • K.V. Lady

          Like I said in another comment in this thread; it’s been well over a decade since I lived in the NYC metro area, and every time that I’ve visited since then, I’ve stuck to safe, mostly tourist areas. Glad to hear it’s gotten safer; though I understand street harassment is still a thing.

          • sharilyn_j

            Street harassment is a thing everywhere. (Not from pimps and dealers, though — not sure what beefs they’d have with a non-customer.) To be honest, street harassers in New York are much more polite than street harassers here in Toronto.

            • Karenatasha

              Really, Sharilyn? I always thought all Canadians were polite . . . even harassers. 😉

              Sorry, K.V., didn’t see your comment above when I posted. New York is pretty safe everywhere these days, relatively speaking.

  • Gina

    The China bit was funny (and very TCR! Maybe too TCR, but oh well.) I liked the Chinese actor, particularly when he was supposed to be an astronaut with a bee keeping helmet. (Yeah, I noticed that!)

    The interesting thing is that Stephen has a very passionate fan base in China. They used to transcribe and translate each of the old show every night. We definitely bow to their fan prowess here at the Hub. I like when he acknowledges his fans “in there, out there, and all around the world,” because all around the world is definitely where they’re at!

    • wow, that is amazing, way to go, international fan base!
      I liked the actor too – wonder who he is? adorable segment!

    • Roseha

      I didn’t know that Stephen has such a following in China! Do they watch him on Youtube? I did think Pander Express was a great piece, and I loved the Chinese Doctor/Astronaut coming out to save Stephen at the end. I kind of understand people not liking Billy on the Streets, I live in NYC and if anyone came up to me like that I’d be gone in a New York second, even with a camera around, actually especially with a camera around!

      • Gina

        Yes, our webmaster Katt knows more about it, but they had a whole fan forum with completely transcribed episodes, active commenting and participation. Obviously it’s all in Mandarin so that’s what I can surmise 🙂 They had their methods of obtaining the show, let’s say 🙂 The character had even that much more appeal and resonance with foreign audiences because as one person put it, and I’m paraphrasing, “the character typifies the things that drive [foreigners] crazy about Americans.”

      • Katt

        Yes, ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Daily Show’ has a very large following in China thanks to Colbert Nation China and various Weibo groups. They have a small army of transcribers, screencapers, etc. working to share the shows with Chinese fans!

  • Billy Eichner was the perfect guest. incredible, flawless, funny, full of joy. and I haven’t watched a lot of his show but love that he said he’s never made fun of Stephen. that shows you what a good egg Stephen is (not that we didn’t know that already). dare we hope that he and Stephen go out on the street though? that would be fantastic.

    • Gina

      I love Billy, he is so sweet and I have watched as many Billy on the Streets as I can. He is obsessed with Drew Barrymore and the way he interviewed her is probably the way a lot of superfans would interview/interrogate their celeb of choice “I know you better than you do!” Another favorite was when he took Debra Messing and basically antagonized every gay man in the vicinity. I love how he satirizes pop culture, we definitely need it!

      • I need to watch more of them! those all sound great! I loved the Amy Poehler one. the Difficult People show sounds awesome too.

  • Stephen had a great reaction when Billy told him about that line in ‘Difficult People.’ Billy is a great improvisor and watching ‘Billy on the Street’ always hypes me up! “Miss, for a dollar…”

    I was excited to hear Stephen say “In here, out there, and all around the world.” I believe it’s the first time he said it on LSSC.

    I really enjoyed the interview with Bill Clinton, particularly what he said about Trump.

    • Jess

      That line in Difficult People is perfect. That whole show is perfect!
      Have you seen the preview of the newest BOTS ep with Tina Fey where they play LaTina Fey? I was crying with laughter.

      • YES! I loved LaTina Fey! Tina just falls over with laughter!

      • Katt

        I don’t know why, but I find the words ‘LaTina Fey’ bloody hilarious! I don’t think I will ever be able to not call her LaTina from this day forward.

    • K.V. Lady

      Oh, yes, I loved that “in here, out there, all around the world,” too. I love whenever he references the old show or carries something from it over….it shows that he hasn’t forgotten his beloved Nation. Without us, he wouldn’t have gotten the Late Show gig in the first place.

      • Gina

        He certainly is talented and worked hard enough in his own regard, but if his fans helped kick the ball over the goal post, it was all worth it. We got him on a grander scale.

  • Jess

    What a shooooow! I love Florence + The Machine (saw them live a few years ago — Florence sounds SO good live) and this was such a beautiful performance. Clinton was great, but Billy took the cake. What a fun and comfortable interview! “Colbert’s too smart not to at least be Bi” oh Julie Klausner & Billy Eichner, I heart thee. I’m pumped for new Billy On The Street episodes!