September 16, 2015 – Kevin Spacey, Carol Burnett, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp

Episode Guide EPISODE NUMBER: Season 1, Episode 7 (Wednesday, September 16, 2015)
GUESTS: Kevin Spacey | Carol Burnett | Willie Nelson | John Mellencamp
STAFF CAMEO(S): Jen Spyra (as Audience Member)
SEGMENTS: Carol Burnett Helps Stephen Start the Show | The GOP Candidates Have Done Full Reagan | Planet of the Apps | Kevin Spacey | Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp | Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp – “Night Life”
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Carol Burnett Helps Stephen Start the Show

As usual, the Ed Sullivan stage was graced with the vivaciousness of Stephen and John Batiste dancing together jovially and the crowd roaring with cheer. The debates have been going on via CNN, though Stephen advises that because this has been pre-recorded he has not yet seen it. He sarcastically adds: “In keeping with the proud American tradition of not watching CNN…” He then informed the audience of the deliciousness of the show that was planned for the night and advised us to bring a bib! He introduces the night’s guests, including the Emmy nominated actor Kevin Spacey, along with musical guests John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson.

In attempt to provide variety, Stephen adds that he wants to try something different for the show for tonight. He decided that he wanted to do an pre-taping studio audience Q&A to “humanize” himself and “maintain the illusion that he is human”. Lights were bumped up, and the questions began rolling. After seeing who the questions were being asked by, it was clear that this was the beginning to an interesting skit. The first question was what was the biggest transition to The Late Show was, in which he responded the 5 minute time slot difference being it. Nice try, Stephen. Lol. The second person chosen (as Stephen referred to as ‘the redhead in the third row’) was none other than the classic and wonderfully talented Carol Burnett. Still not giving away her identity, she asked Stephen why he was doing this bit. The audience begins roaring and Stephen calls out her name. She accuses him of doing her bit from her old TV show… “it’s mine, I own this”. He counters her saying that she ‘doesn’t own answering questions’. She claims she has a patent on it and quotes it, to which Stephen responds by inviting her up on stage to show him how it’s done, alongside a standing ovation for her.

She begins answering questions that are clearly staged with show staff members. One was regarding her old apartment unit, the second was regarding her Howard Stern interview, the third, asked by Jen Spyra, was a request for Carol to do her Tarzan yell, which she definitely still had the lungs for. It was wonderful.

Carol Burnett on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

After the actual credits roll, Carol is in the interview chair. She claimed to have last been on stage at the Ed Sullivan in 1959 and went into stories of old times at the theatre. A main premise for her being here tonight is to push her DVD ‘The Carol Burnett Show – The Lost Episodes’. These are the first 5 years of the show that haven’t been seen since they first aired. They were tied up in legal-syndication issues. Stephen goes into detail about his favorite episode being her last one regarding an interview with Jimmy Stewart, which was a major surprise as she idolized him as an actor. Stephen then tells her that someone who idolizes her is there tonight and would like to say hello …

Kevin Spacey comes out, and as perfectly as he always does impressions, immediately begins mocking the voice and style of Jimmy Stewart. Stephen was assured in advance, that since he is to be the interviewee later, he cannot come out twice as himself, hence his character form. Like the classic time he did for Carson, he read Carol the lost poem entitled ‘Carol’. This was truly touching.

Kevin Spacey and Carol Burnett on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The GOP Candidates Have Done Full Reagan

The GOP Candidates are utilizing the Reagan Library for the debates. The iconic ad brought up was one from Reagan’s ’84 era regarding the danger of bears. Jokes followed, and Ted Cruz is one of the candidates known for ripping-off Reagan’s iconic ad but replaced the bear with a scorpion. In a third video, mocking what Cruz already mocked, Colbert brings his own rendition to the table, this time with spiders in multiple places.

Interview — Kevin Spacey

In this segment, Kevin Spacey comes out and tells us he knows who the spider is representing from Colbert’s video – it’s Frances Underwood. This brings them into discussion of his notoriously well-known character Frank Underwood in House of Cards, which airs on Netflix. In the land of House of Cards, there are times where they are pushing it, but Kevin Spacey turns on the news and all is justified again. For his performance in House of Cards, he’s nominated for an Emmy this Sunday.

Schmoozing regarding him being crowned an honorary knighthood by the Queen of England was also discussed, which Spacey claimed that ‘you’re not supposed to call yourself a Sir unless you’re actually born in England’, but he’s going to break that rule.

Planet of the Apps

This segment opened with discussion of the Colbr app, and a glorious flashback of the classic ‘messy calculator hands’ of Colbert adding his revenues for the app, where we are informed that he made ‘a serious mistake giving it away for free’.

In the Planet of the Apps segment, he decides to give attention to apps that don’t typically get the spotlight. These apps consisted of the sad electronic marriage proposal app named ‘Will You Marry Me’, where you can answer either with ‘Yes’ or ‘Ja Peed Ho’Me Jime’, aka ‘I Need Some Time’. In the next app, entitled ‘What Would Your Pet Look Like as a Baby’, in which we were able to see the adorable Riley Dinello (Paul Dinello’s actual pet dog) in his human form.

Planet of the Apps on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Interview — Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp

Stephen welcomes John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson to the show to talk about Farm Aid celebrating its 30th year in service. This organization, founded by these two amongst others, has raised almost 50-million dollars to help family farmers over the years.

Sidebar. Willie wants to launch a new product line – Willie’s Reserve, in which he wishes to push legalization towards marijuana, garnered some favorable attention from the audience, in which Stephen stresses to his corporate overlords that their ‘whooping’ isn’t his endorsement.

Farm Aid 30 is September 19th in Chicago. Dave Matthews and Neil Young will also be in attendance, and Willie informs us that all of the artists expenses (lodging, dining, transportation) is covered by themselves so that all of the profits made are donated to the cause.

Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp – “Night Life”

  • BigGuy

    Kevin Spacey, imitating Jimmy Stewart, read a poem praising Carol Burnett right at the beginning of the show. This was one of the sweetest and funniest bits I’ve ever seen on late night TV.

    • CN Helper

      I know! Such a lovely moment.

    • DeeCee

      It was lovely. Kevin Spacey is a wonderful guest wherever he goes. I remember an amazingly fun interview on TCR where he “stole” one of Stephen’s Emmy’s and ran around the studio, he did a great barbershop quartet bit on the Tonight Show etc.

    • Katt

      To be honest I thought the bit fell flat, and seemed kinda pointless. The sort of fluffy viral content I was hoping the show would stay away from.

      But having said that, I do like that the show is experimenting with it’s opening, and not sticking to the same formula each episode.

      • DeeCee

        Those high kicks at the start of the show do make me nervous…I keep waiting for Stephen to pull a hamstring or something!

        • Katt

          Oh, we’ve not had any injuries yet! What will the real Stephen do when he maims himself on set?

          • Roseha

            Let’s not even think of that! I do love Stephen’s dancing and singing!
            Kevin Spacey is always so funny in real life appearances and I really enjoyed Stephen’s interview with him. I also enjoyed the comedy bits tonight, I feel they are really taking off now. Planet of the Apps and the spider bit were great.

          • sharilyn_j

            Shh, he’s saving that for sweeps!

  • Kidney

    As a longtime reader of this amazing website and maybe one of the very few members of the Colbert Nation in Germany (oh, we are there!), I just had to make an account to tell you guys about my excitement for the Reagan/Bear segment of the show! Would’ve loved a little throwback to the character right there, but I loved it anyway, especially tiny things like the use of the same old Reagan stock photo.

    It’s nice to see TCR and Late Show melting together piece by piece in week 2. I also feel a lot of improvement in it’s writing, as the joymachine is finally able to focus only on the daily shows. The shows already distinguishing itself from it’s competitors by it’s political and educational content alone and it’s only getting better by doing so. I’ve never been more optimistic!

    • CN Helper

      Hi Kidney! We love our German fan-friends! I agree with what you are saying about the old show and the new show merging together. I am glad you share my optimism about the new show, and love our site. I love the site, too 🙂 Feel free to let us know what you are thinking anytime. Wilkommen!

    • Greetings, Kidney! Thank you so much for reading our posts here on The Hub! I thought that Reagan/Bear segment was absolutely hilarious. Feel free to comment anytime!

  • CN Helper

    I liked Planet of the Apps, by the way. That will be a good recurring segment.

    • sharilyn_j

      Agreed. I work at a digital marketing agency, and we have weekly meetings to go through all the best/worst/weirdest new ideas in tech and social. I imagine the LS writers having just as much fun snarking as we do.