Tickets to ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Are Now Available

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Logo Tickets to the ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ for the month of September are now available via ShowClix.

To attend a taping of the show you must be at least 18 years old and have a government issued photo ID. As noted on the ticket page “All shows are overbooked to ensure capacity, and no one is guaranteed entry.” And as with ‘The Colbert Report’ you may only attend a taping once every six months.

Those attending a taping must be in line no later than 3PM, and guests may join you in line up until 3:15PM. No one will be allowed to join the line after 3:15PM.

For further questions regarding tickets or to cancel your reservation, please contact:
[email protected]

  • sharilyn_j

    There’s a bit of confusion surrounding ticketing policies for the first few weeks, so to clear things up based on multiple people’s experience….

    Test tapings do NOT count against the 6-month rule. This has been confirmed by the show to those who have inquired via email (myself included). If you got tickets for the round of test tickets, and/or the “secret” event this Sunday, you are allowed to go back to a “regular” show before the 6 months are up.

    However, Showclix will tell you differently if you phone or email them. It appears this policy has not been communicated to them, and the Showclix system will flag your email as unusable. You must supply a different email address if you’re booking a second taping. Your phone number and all other information can be the same.

    Again, this is just based on what I’ve been seeing. If you have any questions, definitely send the audience department an email – they seem like very nice people!

    • Agnitti

      Huzzah! I mean, I went through all of my email addresses to get tickets anyway, but it’s nice that I won’t be breaking rules when I show up.

  • DeeCee

    I keep seeing this too late. Is there a way you know of to get notified (I’m not on twitter) when a block of tickets come out? I’d like to try to go eventually.

    • sharilyn_j

      Twitter is the best way. Many of us have our push notifications set to receive alerts any time Stephen or the show tweet. (Stephen tweeted the test shows, the show account tweeted the actual shows.) My phone didn’t leave my side for 3 days. (Not like it ever does normally, but…)

      • DeeCee


  • Erika Bade

    I can’t wait to start reading reports again! 🙂

  • Agnitti

    I got tickets to the second show, but couldn’t manage the first; I was in a screening and didn’t see the tweet until 20 minutes after its tweeting. Still, second is good!

  • Susan Roy

    Going to a test taping this afternoon!

  • thommya

    though cameras and video are not permitted – we are travelers, can a hip bag/ camera bag be carried in and stowed under our seat without use?