Tickets to ‘Stephen Colbert Super Secret Manhattan Shoot’

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Logo Stephen Colbert Super Secret Manhattan Shoot

Event Details: This is going to be a fun gathering for a future shot to be used for the new The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Come ready to cheer Stephen on and be part of television history.
Venue: Union Square, Manhattan
Date: Sunday Aug 16, 2015 at 9:00AM EDT

Tickets: [Free]

  • K.V. Lady

    And wouldn’t you know…I’m going to be in New York just 4 days AFTER that…

  • Agnitti

    I got a ticket! Eep! I’m so excited for this super secret shoot at a mystery location that doesn’t seem suspicious in any way!

  • ColbertsLassNC

    This is definitely his most cryptic announcement, considering it was even removed from Twitter once reservations were sold out! I was able to snag one, but I am not sure yet that i’m prepared to drive 7.5 hours for something that may not possibly work out in my favor considering I live in North Carolina! Oh the things i’ll considering doing for the man who barely knows I exist. Lol. Sigh.

  • DeeCee

    Once again I was too late. Oh well. I wonder of this shoot will be used in the opening credits of the show?

    • ColbertsLassNC

      That’s what mom and I were wondering also. Another reason why I really want to try to YOLO it and make it happen… it’s just such a long drive for me though. If i didn’t get admitted in i’d be crushed.

  • steve

    Has anyone heard what this will be? I got tickets but trying to decide if it is worth a long trip.

  • DeeCee

    600 people with baloons in Union Square Park!