Step Aside, HARIBO… there’s a new Gummy Bear in Town. Well, sort of

Ok. Let’s re-emphasize the sort-of part.

Popular sites such as Reddit and Huffington Post were buzzing earlier this week with news regarding what appeared to be a special form of marketing regalia for the upcoming debut of the long-and-anxiously-awaited Late Show. Col-bears!

Stephen Colbert Gummy Bears

The adorable gummies were reportedly delivered to CBS offices by Stephen Colbert himself, after conducting interviews in their offices with a variety of TV news-anchors earlier this week.

The Huffington Post article also stated (as told by the signifcant other of someone who worked in the CBS offices):

 “Apparently several anchors from local stations were sent to the CBS station today for their interviews with Colbert,” the user wrote in a later comment. “He was there all day.”

It is unclear whether it’s possible to obtain a pack of these “Col-bears” for yourself — for now, it seems like a tiny, chewy perk for CBS employees.

Whether or not any of us can ever get our hands on these chewy confections, this is a pretty cool story, especially due to knowing the former character “Stephen Colbert’s” notoriously well-known history with his avid anti-bear sentiments, expressed many times on The Colbert Report, in segments such as ‘Stephen Colbert’s Problems Without Solutions – Bears‘ and ‘Godless Killing Machines‘, as well as his eventual revelation of seeking common-ground, as well as the infamous on-screen smooch fest with a bear in ‘Survival Tips From “Good Morning America”‘, in which he attempts to put all of the long-term bear hatred and hostility to rest prior to the former shows ending in late 2014.

  • CN Helper

    Congratulations on your first post, Jennifer! So glad it could be about gummy bears 🙂 I have a feeling these would sell like hot cakes in the Late Show gift shop, if they could be reasonably priced. (Or as is usually the case in Manhattan these days, unreasonably priced.)

  • K.V. Lady

    I want some! And congrats on your first post!

  • Ramos

    Hope these aren’t the same gummy bears from Amazon …

  • ColbertsLassNC

    Thanks everyone! I loved that this was my first official front-page post to the Hub! What a fun topic to write about, considering our man’s history with those feared mammals. I wonder if he ever called Stephen back… he totally thought that he’d call him. 😉