Ed Sullivan Theater Renovations Will Create a State-of-the-Art Studio

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert studio renovations

The Ed Sullivan Theater under construction (via ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘)

In little over a month, ‘The Late Show’ will premiere on CBS (September 8th, 2015), with Stephen Colbert walking out into a brand new sound system and state-of-the-art studio currently under construction at the Ed Sullivan Theater, by project architects Design Republic.

An insider has revealed to the ‘New York Daily News‘ that:

“The entire theatre has been totally gutted … Everything has been stripped down to the bones. The seats have been removed, the carpets are gone. Nothing is left except a concrete floor and exposed concrete walls … The historical features have all been sanded down and are being restored. Even the ceiling is being renovated to look like new. CBS has stripped out the sound system and is building a brand-new sound. Everything will be brand-new … And the rest, the furniture, the look, the seats, will all be new. It will look nothing like ‘Letterman’ … This studio/theater will be amazing. It will be one of most sophisticated studios in the world.”

According to the insider, one significant change, will be the placement of the desk. David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ desk was on the centre right of the stage, while Colbert’s desk will be downstage to the left, in front of where Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra used to perform, with Jon Batiste and his band to the right.

Work has already been completed on the ‘Late Show’ staff’s office space, with writers and other staff members excitedly tweeting and instagraming pictures of their new offices and the view of Broadway from the building.

Previously, Stephen Colbert discussed the Ed Sullivan renovations with set design Jim Fenhagen and co-executive producer Meredith Bennett on episode three of ‘The Late Show Podcast‘. And Design Republic have a photo gallery show casing their renovation work on their Facebook Page.

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  • CN Helper

    It’s not only a new show and a new host but a new theatre as well! It’s going to be so great to attend a taping and just soak it all in.

  • Capt Obvious

    Best show on TV!