Jen Spyra Joins the ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Writing Staff

Jen Spyra Late Show Colbert

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We here at the Hub have been excitedly scanning the web for news of writers (and, well, anyone) joining the staff The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and it’s nice to see some women getting the coveted spots. The newest hire is Jen Spyra, who is currently a senior writer and editorial video producer at The Onion.

According to her bio, she, like Stephen, is a Northwestern University alumna and is also a fellow improviser, having performed at iO L.A.and Chicago. She also indicates having standup comedy chops, which should come in handy. It’s great to see all these super smart improvisery people joining the staff! It makes a fan pumped up for the Colbert-related times to come.

  • K.V. Lady


  • Stephanié Colette

    Who is Jen Spyra?

    • AJ

      I’m sorry, but did you even bother to read this post?

      • Stephanié Colette

        I did. She’s just one of those people who I had never heard of. Don’t get on my case about that!

        • Karenatasha

          The point was that the post explained exactly who she is. A Northwestern graduate who worked as a writer for the Onion and has stand-up comedy experience.No one was necessarily expecting you to immediately recognize her name upon seeing it.

          • Stephanié Colette

            Okay fine, I see now. All of you, stop ganging up on me and leave me the hell alone!

            • The Onion is a satirical newspaper. One of their websites is called Clickhole. This is a typical article, one which I imagine reflects the thoughts of Jen Spyra, as well as the rest of us:


              • Stephanié Colette

                Thank you.

            • Hi Stephanie, I am very sorry you feel that people are ganging up on you.There’s nothing wrong with not knowing who Jen Spyra is. I’m sure quite a number of our readers are unfamiliar with her.

              As linked to above, her website lists some of her humour articles and videos, so hopefully that gives you a better idea of her comedic styles.

              • Stephanié Colette

                Thank you. Finally, someone nice from the Hub.

                • CN Helper

                  Stephanie, as Katt said, sorry if you feel unwelcome. You are quite, as are all of our new Hubsters. This has been a tough time in the Colbert fandom, as you can imagine. There’s not much to comment on, we are mostly speculating. I know at the Hub we are trying to report only highly verified info. The good news is, pretty soon the new show will be here, our regular commenters will join the rest of the crew, and it will be a shiny happy place again.

                • Hi, Stephanie. I am a blogger for The Hub and I can assure you there are many nice people here. I’d like to welcome you, too, just like Katt and CNHelper have. Please enjoy this website! It can be a lot of fun!

                • And all y’all keep a sense of humor, for crying out loud! “Comedy Nazi” is an oxymoron.

  • DeeCee

    A female, a fellow Northwestern grad, and an improvisor….sounds like a win.

  • Ingenear

    She’s wonderful. I enjoyed her as Trump’s spokesperson. Adorable, natural, smart, charming and really funny! More of her in the show – pleaaaaaaze!

  • Vance Logan

    This woman has a delightful voice. I am captivated by every show’s opening rundown of guests that she does. She just sounds heavenly.