Colbert ‘Steals’ Lincoln Bust from GOP Congressman’s Office [Update]

Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello with Lincoln Bust
Over on Capitol Hill, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert taped a segment for his show Friday wherein he’s seen stealing a bust of Abraham Lincoln from a congressman’s office before escaping in a roll-away garbage bin.

A source who was there for the filming tells Mediaite the congressman who has his bust stolen is Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.). Colbert is aided in the skit by outgoing Congressman Jack Kingston.


It seems that the frolicking with Rep. Kingston continued throughout the Mall, with these great pics of the twosome fishing in the reflective pool, and tandem bicycling past the Capitol. It’s nice to see Stephen recognizing Kingston, his first BKAD guest, in this manner. Seems like a delightful (and cathartic!) way to celebrating the end of two chapters, one for Colbert, one for Rep. Kingston. Looking forward to the segment!

Colbert and Kingston Fishing  in Washington DC

© CNP /Polaris

Stephen Colbert and Jack Kingston Fishing in Washington DC

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Colbert Kingston Reeling In Fish Washington DC

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Close Up Colbert Fishing Washington DC

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Colbert and Jack Kingston Riding Bikes

  • Silly Stephen.

  • Anna

    I am so, so excited for this. There will be dancing and biking and sliding down banisters, lame duck style.