Stephen Colbert on ‘The Tonight Show’

Last night Stephen Colbert dropped by ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ where he spoke about his disbelief at being seated next to First Lady Michelle Obama at the State Dinner, bluffing his way through a conversation in French with the President of France, François Hollande, and his love of the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons. Then Stephen joined Jimmy for an epic game of ‘Truth or Truth’ where talk turned to biggest regrets, tattoo’s, favourite 11:30Pm TV shows, Stephen’s underwear and his romance with horses.

  • bleu

    How I WISH they could put up the full interview!

    • Katt

      It is available on NBC, but it wasn’t working properly for me. But don’t worry, the Hub Staff are hard at work tracking down the full clip!

      • Mrc

        This one should work for you: [Link]

  • CN Helper

    Wow! That story about how Stephen felt sitting at the head table at WH state dinner was amazing! We were all shocked and delighted to see him there. I love when he speaks french, he sounds so sexy, and that he tried to talk to Hollande in french.

    The game they played was kind of meh, but it’s a starting point for the Tonight Show I guess. Thank God Stephen was there, he can make any premise funny. He’s like powdered, instant funny. Just add Stephen.

    • bleu

      His french pronunciation is really good! But he’s already proved he can pull off accents with Esteban Colberto.

  • Clem

    Thanks for posting this, Katt. WOW. He looked so incredibly handsome. (Ok, fangirling out of the way!) I loved when he first came out and he and Jimmy were dancing with each other. It looked liked the dance they did over the summer to Daft Punk. I really enjoyed Stephen’s story about the White House State Dinner. What Evie said to him was so cool!

    Jimmy: “Your underwear: Men’s or Women’s?” Stephen: “No.” Hilarious!

  • Katt

    I don’t know what I love more, that Stephen speaks French or that President Hollande came back and spoke to him.

    I didn’t have high expectations for ‘Truth or Truth’, but damn Stephen was on fire with those answers!

  • marleygirl84

    I wonder if President Hollande saw Stephen’s Alpha Dog segment? Maybe that’s what he was trying to talk about…. :) It would be weird to have done a comedy bit about a French President and then end up dining with said President only a month or so later. Of course, it doesn’t seem like Obama or the First Lady take offense to the many many bad things “Stephen” says about them!

    The whole interview was so good, mostly because Stephen just seemed so relaxed. I think he really has a good time with Jimmy.

  • Ann G

    Heh– instant powdered funny. I like that. Somebody invent that plz.

    The game was hilarious. The concept is a little meh, but Stephen made it work. And Jimmy’s reaction to Stephen’s “no” re: the underwear question was great. I really love these two together.

  • Mrc

    The whole interview was great, but I really love the part where Stephen speaks about White House state dinner, and speaking French with Hollande.

    The game was funny, mostly thanks to Stephen’s answers (the one about underwear was hilarious).

  • CN Helper

    I caught the whole thing on hulu, and Stephen’s walk-on music was “Best Imitation of Myself” by Ben Folds Five, a song he really likes. How thoughtful and appropriate of the Roots! It’s cute to check out the clip from NBC, they kind of reminisce a bit. Stephen & Jimmy host-love 4-EVR!