Photos of Stephen Colbert as a Student at Northwestern

Stephen Colbert in college

© David Downs (via Buzzfeed)

During his tenure as an acting teacher in the theatre department at Northwestern University, David Downs took many candid photographs of students, including these of a young, and ridiculously cute Stephen Colbert.

Head to Buzzfeed for the complete set of photos.

(Thank you to Clem and StephenSmile64 for the Tip!)

  • truncated-symphony

    Wow. This a treasure trove of old Stephen pics. Where’s the old fandom when you need it, huh?

  • puppetsindisguise

    So apparently Stephen Colbert has been adorable since the beginning of time. *faints*

  • These pictures should come with warning from the Surgeon General or something: “Viewing these images may cause fainting spells and/or shortness of breath in fangirls.” And sorry, ladies, time travel is sadly still unavailable.

    And, only two words left to say: “yow.zah!”

  • StephenSmile64

    What could I say? Adorable then and adorable now! Glad to see some things remain constant! 🙂

    • Yes, he still looks amazing now. He is def on the TV for a reason 😉

  • Sophie

    Scatter my ashes in the pacific ocean because these pictures have officially killed me. I cant even handle this level of “total babe-ness”.

    • “Scatter my ashes in the pacific ocean because these pictures have officially killed me.”

      Haha, best fan girl reaction ever!!

  • makingloveinminnesota

    He looks like Robert Downey Jr’s little brother.

  • lockhart43

    Just when you thought Stephen Colbert couldn’t be more adorable, Buzzfeed posts a photo of College Stephen wearing a pair of white button-in suspenders. Also, I think it’s safe to say that his sons can rest easy knowing they will inherit a fantastic head of hair. 😛