‘The Colbert Report’ Writers at the New York Comedy Festival

Stephen Colbert event photos Stephen Colbert and ‘The Colbert Report’ writers take part in the “Behind the Scenes at ‘The Colbert Report’” panel discussion as part of the New York Comedy Festival at Town Hall, New York. Following the event Stephen and Jason Jones attended the ‘The New York Comedy Festival Annual Kick-Off Party’ at The Refinery Hotel, New York.


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  • Tam

    and Jason’s beard. Beautiful.

    • Corrie-luv

      I know right?! Feels like a throwback from “Behind the Veil”.
      And Stephen’s glasses, LUV IT! I sooo wish he can wear that once in a while on TCR!

      • Tam

        Yeah, I don’t know if they’d work out on TV. I noticed when he wore the ‘sarah palin’ glasses, they make huge shadows on his face. though they could just adjust the lights and it might work.

  • http://www.colbertnewshub.com Katt

    I love his new glasses!! I wonder if we will get to see them on the show, or maybe they’re just Stephen’s new downtime glasses. Either way, love ’em!!

    So great to see all of the other writers, they have so many now!!

  • StephenSmile64

    I LOVE the glasses! He looks so handsome! I was there last night and the minute he walked out on stage I said, “GLASSES!” :)

    It was a great night and I will write up a reporT as soon as I can.

  • http://gravatar.com/clementinetallis Clem

    Just to reiterate with the above beautiful comments: Oh my God, those glasses! More please! It’s so great to see so much talent on one stage. I don’t see Meredith Scardino. I wonder where she was. @StephenSmile64 – I can’t wait for your ReporT!

    • http://www.colbertnewshub.com Katt

      According to Entertainment Weekly she was there, and took some questions from the audience.

    • StephenSmile64

      Yep, Clem…Meredith was definitely there! She was sitting on the end. :)

      • http://gravatar.com/clementinetallis Clem

        Nice! Glad she was there. Ladies gotta represent! :) @Katt – Thank you for the article.

    • http://gravatar.com/karenatasha karenatasha

      Yes, thank heavens she WAS there. *Gotta have a woman in the group*

  • http://twitter.com/Mrc_900 Mrc

    I love Stephen’s new glasses, he looks great!
    @StephenSmile64, I can’t wait to read your report.

  • CN Helper

    Wow! Love the glasses too! A nice change. All the TCR guys (and Meredith? I presume) were looking very nice and orderly on the stage. Although, I don’t think they sit in neat rows in the writer’s room all the time. I think they keep it pretty laid back in there – I know the writers were into guitar hero back in the day, I think they are into epic games of words with friends now… Can’t wait to hear about the discussion! And yay for Stephen doing some extracurricular hanging out after the talk.

  • http://gravatar.com/karenatasha karenatasha

    The only thing I will say about last night–leaving the reporting to Ms. Smiles–is that Paul Dinello was surprisingly silent pretty much the entire evening. Meredith was engagingly chatty.

    • http://www.colbertnewshub.com Katt

      Maybe it’s just me, but Paul seems rather quiet at all of the events I’ve seen him at. It would be great to hear him speak about working on The Report, as I recall he did a number of interviews for the Strangers with Candy movie. He was even on ‘The Late Late Show’ which was delightful, though the interview could have been longer.

      • http://gravatar.com/karenatasha karenatasha

        When I saw him at UCB a while back, with a surprise appearance by Amy, he seemed . . . oh, I don’t know, restless maybe? I think perhaps he would like to do more of his own work. Stephen’s become super-famous, Amy’s become quite well-known herself, and Paul–who is so very wonderful–somehow remains less recognized, despite the crucial role he’s played in the show, in Stephen’s books, and as coauthor for Amy. He’s very quirky and unique in his humor, but still, so much of his stuff is beloved.

  • Caroline

    Great photos but, at the risk of being repetitive, they could really use some diversity in their writing staff.

    • karenatasha

      @Caroline, I’m about to say something about this on StephenSmiles’s report.

  • lockhart43

    THOSE GLASSES….I can’t even. They’re so great, and I just can’t even.

    *breathes* Anywhoo :) Thanks for putting the photos together and for the reporT in the other post! I can’t wait to read it.

  • http://dillis w

    Looks like another boring sea of white guys. Sad really, that Colbert and is brigade of hack white guys are taking over Late Show, another male dominated institution. Late Show will continue to be boring, as is Colbert Report. Too many lame and racist jokes….yes everyone has heard of it, like we’ve all heard of Macdonalds and Wallmart and KFC…hopefully with DVR statistics, the true ratings and growing dis-insterest in this boring, lowest common denominator humor will come to light.

  • http://www.third-beat.com Sharilyn

    Cool story, bro.