How to Watch ‘The Colbert Report’ in Canada

The Colbert Report logo Recently, CTV in Canada discontinued airing the ‘The Colbert Report’ Monday thru Thursday at 12:30am. Luckily, there are available alternatives to view ‘The Colbert Report’.

You can continue to watch Stephen shine his wisdom and truthiness onto his Nation on ‘The Comedy Network’, Monday thru Thursday at 11:30pm. If you don’t have a subscription to this channel, alternatively, you can view the show online directly from The Comedy Network website.

Also, ‘The Colbert Report’ is available for download on iTunes.

If you know of any other ways to watch the show in Canada, please share them in the comments.

3 thoughts on “How to Watch ‘The Colbert Report’ in Canada

  1. Sadly, the Comedy Network website is a piece of garbage and I discourage everyone from supporting it. They can’t even be bothered to upload new videos until late morning the following day. Torrent whenever you can. Canada: we can’t have nice things.

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