Water Cooler — Labor Day 2013 Edition

Colbert's Book Club

Looking forward to another edition of the “cOlbert Book Club.”

Stop by CNH’s Water Cooler, where fellow Hubsters commiserate and comment on current events, or whatever you like, while our boys Jon and Stephen are away.

Hey Hubsters! Hope you are all fairing well on this two week break. As we prepare for summer’s last hurrah this Labor Day weekend, and the children are scurrying back to class, we are also anticipating the Return of Jon Stewart. I hope our bearded friend will be refreshed and ready for another go around at TDS studios, as we have missed him so. I wonder how John Oliver will settle back into correspondent role, after doing such an admirable job as interim host. What do you think?

In Stephen’s world, we have another “cOlbert’s Book Club” episode coming up on September 10th; I wonder if they will metamorphose the set again, as they did with The Great Gatsby show. It’s going to be hard to top that episode, but undoubtedly Stephen will. Have you all been reading something from Salinger (but not Catcher?)

Also the Emmys on September 22nd. (Collective groaning.) Yes, I know, I know, not typically our favorite night in the TCR fandom, but perhaps we can stomach another viewing and see if we can get a writing award at least. Something to cross our fingers for, right? As The Colbert Report achieves its eighth anniversary on October 17th, perhaps Emmy will see to it that this stellar program is properly honored. Either way we hardcore fans will still be here.

Read on and share your thoughts during this break time.

With regards to the real news world, in our last water cooler post/break from shows, Egypt’s democracy was floundering; now we find ourselves readying for military intervention in Syria, with various countries lining up to ratchet support. The Syria conflict is going to involve many players, such as Jordan, Israel, and Iran, making for a very volatile situation on the horizon. Certainly, Jon and Stephen will be on hand if the media becomes too happy beating the war drums. We will have to see. And hope for minimal casualties.

(Awkward transition)

Treading on less exalted ground, we must note Miley Cyrus’ efforts to make Daft Punk the least interesting thing about the VMAs! I have to join Mika Brzezinski in my suburban mom outrage over the whole incident; it’s behavior that is hard to defend. It seems that this young lady is turning into another Amanda Bynes, not a good course. Also interesting that it directly involved friend of the show and hero of Colbchella ’13 Robin Thicke. Seems like someone is in the thicke of it! Ha, ha, I’ll see myself out. Thanks. In any event, The Onion News Network called out Miley’s depreciating talent reserves back in 2008, and I think their analysis is probably the most sound.

Now it’s your turn:

What stories do you think Stephen and/or Jon/John Oliver would cover right now? Was there anything that happened this week which prompted you think, “Stephen would have totally talked about that”?

Feel free also just to chat around the CNH office’s Water Cooler. Fandom is also friend-dom.

  • Clem

    The events that are going on with Syria are devastating. You are so right, CN Helper, about the beating of the war drums. I am very interested to see how Stephen and Jon will address it.

    On a much lighter note, I actually re-read ‘Nine Stories’ last week. (One of my all-time favorite books.) I have been trying to imagine how the set will look for this cOlbert Book Club. Old school NYC, I’m guessing. (No phonies.) 😉 For any Hubsters who have read it, do you have a favorite out of the nine stories?

    I am ridiculously excited for Jon Stewart’s return!!!! Ok, I got that off my chest. Hehe! Did everyone hear that ‘Crossfire’ will be returning to TV? Sigh. I really wonder what Jon would have to say about that, considering that his appearance on the show eight years ago contributed to it’s cancellation. His criticism was brilliant.

    Have a great Labor Day, American Hubsters! And my best to all. 🙂

    • CN Helper

      I think you are right about the Salinger set – no phonies! I am fond of Nine Stories as well. I rather like “A Perfect Day for Bananafish.” But I feel like I need to reread it again.

      • Nice, CN Helper! ‘Bananafish’ is amazing. I think my fav out of the nine might be ‘Just Before The War With The Eskimos.’ (You gotta love Salinger’s titles!)

        Tuesday is almost here…happy dance! 🙂

  • llama

    This is my 2c on the Miley Cyrus thing. Would anyone have cared if it had been, for example, Katy Perry or Madonna (maybe 15 yrs ago Madonna as opposed to 2013 Madonna) or Pink who had done that? Is the shocker that it was a former child star? She is not a child anymore and she is not on Disney anymore. I think, right? Also, I would imagine MTV got what they wanted, lots of publicity from it. If the media wouldn’t give so much attention to this stuff, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Anyway, glad to see that Daft Punk wasn’t a big deal, but still pissed because they absolutely should’ve chosen Stephen. In one of the online comments I was reading, someone said and I am not quoting, ‘(Miley’s) parents must be absolutely shocked’ Then someone else responded with, ‘You do know that her father is Billy Ray Cyrus? He probably was proud’. I got a kick out of that. Looking forward to the return on Tuesday and hoping for a toss, but not holding my breath.

    • CN Helper

      I don’t think it was a question of could Cyrus do what she did, she is (almost) an adult and certainly can do whatever she wants, Disney fame/money or no – it was just in really poor taste. Even for the VMAs, which is saying something. You can perform at the VMAs and make it fun and entertaining, which is what Jimmy Fallon did when he hosted (like 2003 I want to say?). It doesn’t have to be, uh, so foam finger glove infused. I am wondering if her Dad’s achy breaky heart is a little achier right now.

  • karenatasha

    I am definitely frightened about what is going on in Syria (and in Egypt) right now. What happened was horrific and a definite breach of human rights. But I think the US simply does not have the credibility any longer to get involved. One country that is definitely not lining up with us this time is England. Parliament said no today.

    Re: Miley Cyrus: I continue to believe that the second most offensive thing that girl did was to be spectacularly untalented. Would people have reacted that way with Madonna? No, because Madonna can DANCE. She can move. She can give you a show that’s clever and entertaining. And if she’s going to wear a bra and panties, it’s going to be a Gaultier costume and spectacular. It’s the pure ugliness and awkwardness of Cyrus’s dancing that makes it seem obscene. It doesn’t feel like a performance, but a klutzy teen trying to imitate a porn movie without quite understanding what it’s about. Now, what is the most offensive thing, you ask? Her crappy use of the African-American performers and what many are terming a minstrel show. Just bad. Very bad.

    But we might have war with Syria, and so . . .

    I do expect Jon and Stephen to launch their own missiles at CNN for making Cyrus the top story as real disaster looms.

    Oh, and: I’m happy to welcome Jon back, but what about John? He did such a fantastic job, and he’s giving the show back to its owner in very good shape.

    • Corrie-luv

      Rest assure, karenatasha, you’re not the only one wondering what’s about to happen to Olly-Scone. I’m positive that after the entire summer, I think he ain’t going anywhere but up. One thing for sure, I feel like once Jonny-bun comes back, TDS is going back to be normal (ironically because I feel like everyday it’s always never predictable). P.S. Crossing fingers if he keeps that beard. If not, maybe a beard joke reminiscent to Charlton Heston’s look from the 10 Commandments?

      • Katt

        I agree, I really do hope Jon keeps the beard. I love it!!

        I’m looking forward to seeing what’s on the horizon for John Oliver, he did such a fantastic job as host. I think I actually prefer him to Jon. I am impressed with how level headed he has remained through out, he could quite easily be demanding all sorts of things and expecting his own show, but he seems perfectly content with returning to life as a correspondent.