Stephen Colbert Campaigns for Fellow Nominees

Stephen Colbert Emmy Consideration Advertisement

With voting getting underway for this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, Stephen Colbert is hitting the campaign trail … for his competition.

The Colbert Report host and executive producer has taken out a For Your Consideration ad, appearing in this week’s issue of The Hollywood Reporter, in which he makes a pitch for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Real Time With Bill Maher, Saturday Night Live and perennial winner The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

“Stephen Colbert urges you to at least consider these other fine shows,” it reads, above a smiling Colbert gesturing towards his fellow nominees. “It’s not about Emmy, it’s about Emm-us.”

The gesture, targeting voters for the outstanding variety series, comes on the heels of seven consecutive nominations for the Comedy Central show — and seven consecutive losses. Colbert has fared much better in the writing category. He’s topped many of the aforementioned competition twice before, most recently in 2010.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

(Thanks to Llama for the Tip!)

  • llama

    No probs. I wonder what it’s all about. Is Stephen using reverse psychology? hmmmm…

    • dentry

      I was wondering what Stephen was up to when I saw that ad in the Hollywood Reporter also. Hmmm, if he’s using reverse psychology like you said Llama, I hope it finally works this year and they would finally give him the Emmy he deserves.

  • Katt

    Looking forward to seeing what Stephen has up his sleeve.

  • llama

    IT WORKED!!! Reverse Psychology, I think that’s what it was all about.