Stephen Colbert Dances His Way onto ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

Last night Stephen Colbert made a surprise appearance on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ (07:20 – 08:15), dancing his way onto the show, Stephen boogied-on down with Jimmy Fallon to Daft Punk’s new single ‘Get Lucky’ (feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers) from their new album ‘Random Access Memory’, before dancing his way back behind the blue curtain.

Not as random as it seems, the bit is all to do with the upcoming appearance of Daft Punk on ‘The Colbert Report’.

(Thank you to Tish and Clem for the Tip!)

  • Katt

    I am so glad Jimmy decided to move ‘The Tonight Show’ back to New York. I really hope Stephen and Jimmy can keep up their shenanigans. Jimmy seems so up for anything Stephen throws at him, random dancing at the desk is no exception. Can’t wait to see what Stephen has planned with all of this dancing!!

  • CN Helper

    I was just at Late Night on Friday. Missed Stephen by one day! I didn’t want to admit that I went to a Fallon taping on the forum lest I be forever ostracized by my fellow Hubsters. Anyways, Jimmy loves Stephen so any interaction between the two is welcome. And, maybe Stephen wanted to congratulate Jimmy in person on the new baby.

    • Caroline

      @CN Helper – Nothing wrong with going to a Fallon taping! I went to one, too, and it was awesome. I definitely plan to go again.

      Too bad you missed the dance duet by a day.

    • applepies

      No hate here, I love Fallon! They make a great duo.

    • marleygirl84

      Don’t worry a bit about that! I loved Jimmy before I ever knew who Stephen was (although I did really love The Ambiguously Gay Duo on SNL, not knowing I would someday go nuts over “Ace” haha). The only reason I’m upset is pure jealousy! I tried 3 different times to see Fallon’s show and missed out for one reason or another every time!!! Grrrrr…… 😉

      • CN Helper

        We couldn’t believe we got tix. It was amazingly challenging, especially since Jimmy is on his way to The Tonight Show he is the hottest ticket in town. I too loved Ambiguously Gay Duo, having no clue I would be doing all this fan-blogging for Ace! Keep trying to see Jimmy, though, it is totally worth it. Still, nothing/ no one tops Stephen’s awesomeness, and the energy and enthusiasm that I describe in my taping reporT by the Colb-nation is not surpassed in any way by the Fal Pals. We still love Jimmy mucho, nevertheless.

      • marleygirl84

        Well I think the next time I try to see him it’ll be “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” which may make it even harder yet. Did you do the standby line or did you have tickets ahead of time? I tried standby all three times to no avail. The first was a couple of years ago….. my sister was 16 and it was 17+ so they wouldn’t let us in (but they didn’t tell us until we had already gone through the entire long process!). Then I tried twice this April, both times the cutoff for people able to go in was right before me (and the age to get in is now 16, go figure). I definitely do want to see him though, if mostly to hear the Roots live! I actually have met Jimmy way way back when he was still on SNL though, and that was a very wonderful experience so I can’t consider myself too unlucky.

  • llama

    Yeah, I don’t see why anyone would besmirch you for wanting to see Fallon. So sorry you missed Stephen by one day. Those lucky audience members! That’s always been the dream, to go to a taping of a show and get a surprise like that. Nice!

  • Ivy

    Would be lovely to watch it, but I’m in Europe. Nothing I used worked. F***!

    • Katt

      It’s not the greatest quality, but you should be able to view this [Link]

      • Ivy

        Oh you’re a sweetheart, thank you!

        How I hate that song, but totally sexy dance moves 😉

  • Clem

    I love it when the late night guys get together. It can get pretty epic! It also cracks me up when Stephen just talks about them, like when he admits in this clip that Jimmy Fallon is “Totes hot.” Haha!–dump-or-marry
    (Advanced apologies if this doesn’t play outside of the US!)

  • Ann G

    Ridiculously random, but amazing. Count me among those who want to see Stephen and Jimmy continue their… whatever you’d call this relationship. They’re pure silly magic together.