A Guide to Stephen Colbert’s Wrist Bling

Mahmoud Ahmedinejad in Newsweek

The eagle eyed Hubsters out there may have noticed that lately Stephen Colbert has been sporting some new wrist bling. After much speculation at their meaning(s) and origins(s), I thought it was high time to do a round-up post detailing the latest editions to Stephen’s beloved wrist.

WristStrong Bracelet

Easily the most recognisable piece of wrist bling is Stephen’s red silicon ‘WristStrong’ bracelet, to promote awareness against wrist violence. Back in August 2007, Stephen was struck by a completely non-life-threatening broken wrist, after he was ‘felled by a wall that was too lazy to stand up for itself — the floor’ after slipping and falling during the pre-show warn-up.

Stephen being the trooper he is, did not hesitate to take a stand against the growing increase in wrist violence. Naturally, he turned to ‘the most powerful tool known to man — the silicone bracelet’, and unlike Lance Armstrongs well known ‘Livestrong’ awareness accessory, Stephen’s was ‘crafted from the rarest of plastic — red’. Soon the battle against wrist violence took off, with everyone from celebrities to noble peace winners sporting the red bracelets, which even took a spin in space, thanks to an obliging astronaut.

Since the ‘WristStrong Saga’ began, $5 from all sales has been donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. By January 2008, the WristStrong bracelets had already raised over $170,000 for The Yellow Ribbon Fund, with a further $17, 200 being raised from the auctioning off Stephen’s celebrity signed cast.

SGT Rob Easley Wristbands

First spotted back in April 2013, the mysterious green wrist band had Hubsters puzzled until it was identified by Mrc as the silicone wrist bands made to honour SGT Rob Easley and to show support for him on his road to recovery.

On October 15th, 2012 United States Army Sergeant Robert Easley, Jr. was critically injured while conducting operations in southern Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). While out on foot patrol, Rob stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and lost both of his legs making him a bilateral above knee amputee. He also sustained injuries to his right hand including partial amputation of his pointer, middle, and index fingers.

Rob’s Road to Recovery.

The appearance of the wristband coincides with Stephen Colbert’s visit to the Walter Reed Military Advanced Training Center. The wristband features Rob’s rank and name on one side and has the basic EOD crab on the other. All funds raised will go to the Rob Easley Jr. Fund to assist Rob and his family on the road to recover.

American Cancer Society Bracelet

After losing her father to cancer, an 11-year old member of the Colbert Nation wrote a letter to Stephen Colbert explaining that she and her father watched the show every night together before he passed away. In the letter, she also included one of the purple bracelets that she started marking to raise money for the ‘American Cancer Society’, which Stephen has worn every night for the past three months.

  • Warsucks

    Thank you for sharing this. I was curious to know where all those awesome wrist bands and bracelets came from…
    I wonder if he is wearing any necklaces…:-)

    • Katt


      I have on a number of occasions spotted him wearing two necklaces, but I don’t he has ever mentioned what they mean, nor has anyone asked him (to my knowledge). Maybe someone will ask him during the pre-show Q&A one day!!

      • llama

        @Katt: I’ve never seen him wearing necklaces on the show, except for the friendship necklace shared with Fallon. I imagine, knowing me as I do, I will start noticing more often now.
        I’ll go check for myself to make sure, but I’m guessing Rob Easley is the one in the recent picture of Stephen on what looks like a gurney of some sort, talking to a patient at Walter Reed, who had both legs amputated.
        Thanks for the report Katt.

      • Katt


        I’ve seen him where them outside the show, such as at the Rally and on the BioBus.

        No, Rob Easley isn’t in those photos.

  • CN Helper

    Thanks for posting this, Katt. This also is a nice way of showing how Stephen deeply cares about the causes he attaches himself to; it was truly touching how he responded to that young girl in her time of grief. I hope he continues this trend of demonstrating his support in a more outward fashion.

  • Susan

    Fairly often Stephen wears a watch on his left wrist that has a large square face. I have searched for it and haven’t been able to find out what it is, and I have wondered if it has any significance. And even if it doesn’t — what is it? We need to know!

    • CN Helper

      @Susan: Hi Susan! I have been curious about what kind of watches he wears too. I particularly like the one you are referencing. This is another good question for the audience Q & A, I think.

      • Katt

        @CN Helper:

        I’m pretty certain he got that one for his birthday a few years back.

  • lockhart43

    I was wondering about the camo-green wristband. Thanks for the clarification, Katt!

  • Barbra Helms

    Where can I purchase Steven Cobert’s wrist band? Want to get one for my husband’s birthday which is coming in Aug. the first part so need it before then.

  • They used to be available in the Comedy Central Store, but are no longer listed.

    There is currently one available for auction on eBay.